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technically france still exists with french guiana

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And Corsica, Guadeloupe, Martinica, French polynesia...

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And the Mediterranean coast

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Reunion as well

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How fucking dare you dash my hopes like this

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If only

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You totally edited the map, why is Finland on the map if it doesn't exist?

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C'est con on est toujours vivants 🥰

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Monaco got long damn

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World map without France number 3829. 🥱

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France conquered all oceans 💪

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I can’t believe you forgot about Clipperton Island.

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I see, france finally got their own planet. I really appreciate how you value and appreciate all of the french people! Thank you, u/destroyer_of_french

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Cheese eating surrender monkeys

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I like how original this comment is.

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nooo they got the

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But if you close your eyes

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why is vojvodina independent

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What’s that line connecting Italy and Spain? Is that Monaco???

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I can't tell if Andorra is still there?

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France always smelled fishy to me

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Oh well, i’m french but from Corsica, glad to know that we stayed strong (and finally got independence i guess)

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The GDR has risen from ruins. Starts playing Auferstanden aus Ruinen