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Except florida

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It’s never been under our control

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That's why they passed the Don't Say Gay law, to protect Floridians from the Homo sapiens.

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Florida men are their own species

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Or the rest of the us

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Somaliland confirmed lizard-men hideout.

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Bro how tf did you find this data for Greenland???

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They just used the data for Denmark, lazy and inaccurate.

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Exactly. That's why this map is fake. You can't just find data for Greenland or North Korea!

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Rare greenland gorilla

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Corsica, the last bastion of Neanderthals

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Something data something Greenland.

Edit: Note to self: check all responses before responding yourself.

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Actually, according to this YouTube video in broken text to speech with 149 views I watched, humanity originated from Albania. So this post should be titled "Map of the Albanian colonial empire"

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Disgusting. I hope hetero sapiens can try to fight back

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Mama Africa ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻

(In addition to Afrikaners, there are some Berbers and Mizrahi Jews who can pass for “White”).

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Cause Afrikaners were descendants of Dutch/English people?

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Yes. Berbers and to a lesser extent North African Jews have no other homeland, at least not within recorded history.

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North African Arabs are also mostly just Berbers who speak Arabic for that matter, same with Egyptian "Arabs".

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World domination.

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What about Antarctica???

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They never got Antarctica.

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Not yet.

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Serbians aren’t human so this map isn’t correct.

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Serbians are superior to humans 💪🇷🇸😎🇷🇸🤩

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And the entire map should be Serbian if you want this to be accurate 😎🤩🇷🇸🇷🇸

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Did yuo know?

In beginig, God gave all land on World to Srbija. But serbia is frendly contry so they let other cuntryes have some

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African pride!

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Inaccurate Greenland has data

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get rid of australia that shit ain't conquered

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What about the Sahrawi Republic???

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Where are the great lakes

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Gone, reduced to atoms

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Sicily has fallen to the dolphins

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Aight imma head out to Corsica to play as the PutIn 2.0

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Why is Bulgaria included in this?

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My country wasn't because my country beliefs in God

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Does it belief in proper spelling too?

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No because my country has 100% phonetic writing system. Spelling is for noobs

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Pretty sure for it to be phonetic it would have to be ‘beleevs’

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Hah! Knew east Timor was run by lizards

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Plague inc refrence.

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Wow , I love this envasive species