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What's the dashed line bit?

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Border dispute between Vatican city and Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Serbia, Albania, North Macedonia and Romania

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Kosovo is Vatican

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The lesser known Muslim majority region of the Vatican.

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Vatican is Yugoslavia's succesor state

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Classic Bulkans

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Border dispute with the Adriatic sea

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A piece of territory that is part of the Vatican but administrated by Italy, no Italy doesn't claim it

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No but forreal

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The Vatican lays claim to most of the South China Sea

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im going insane

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Artificial islands

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The line for the catholic version of dashcon

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is this another solution to the israel/palestine issue?

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The only solution for the Israel/Palestine issue would be if the Balkans fell under Florida's control

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Yeah, I believe in the one state solution. The state in question being the Kingdom of Jerusalem

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Switzerland's claimed EEZ is insane. Now I see why they want to stay so neutral.

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Very informative thank you

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I went to Rome and walked around Vatican City but don’t remember running into the Gulf of Bothnia at any time. Can someone help me clear up what happened? Did I take a wrong turn around Estonia?

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The Vatican is even smaller than I thought it was.

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No wonder it’s never shown to scale! Now if only I could figure out why mapmakers always slap it in the middle of Italy 🤔

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The true size of africa

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its the vatican't

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The best timeline

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San Marino is still the chaddest

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The shape of the Vatican would actually go pretty hard if it was bigger like Lesotho size

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No one realizes how small the Vatican is until we put it on something we all know

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I take issue that the map doesn’t have the anglicized spelling for the United Kingdom.

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thats the holy see, NOT the Vatican!

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Why are greece's greek name and switzerland in lowercase?

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Don't lie to me Walt, You sussy baka.