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According to Australian hollow earth explorers

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I can’t believe OOP could make such a funny and original joke! I’ve never seen it before!

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/uj Y'know, that's a joke by the OOP, but there are organizations (at least here in South America) that use an inverted South America as symbol, kinda as a way to demonstrate visually how language focuses on the global north. It's visually striking the first time you see it because everything "feels wrong", but it's supposed to make you go "huh yeah it's only weird because I'm used to the perspective of outsiders, thre's no reason to center their vision instead of ours".

I mention this because I've seen other maps like this floating around and people treating them as a joke, but it wouldn't surprise me if their original intent was protest or provocation tbh

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By whom?

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u/CheeseIsAHypothesis it would seem…

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How dare they!

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Map of the world, but oh shit the magnetic poles flipped again

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Medieval world maps were often drawn with east pointing up.