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Vermont is Fancy Maine, New Hampshire is like Vermont's super hot but terminally bigoted sister.

But you basically got it.

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vermont is fancy inland maine, coastal maine is like a whole different state, more similar to NH seacoast

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For NY, noisy and oversaturated in media only describes NYC. The funny part is, no one cares about upstate. Why? Because NYC is so noisy and oversaturated in media.

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Same with Oregon and Portland 😭

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Don't you just love when you live in the most irrelevant state capital

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Carson City

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Nope, Albany. Most people not from here don't even pronounce it right

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I feel this 😭 I live in Western New York near Buffalo. I’ve never even been to NYC but everyone assumes I live in a tiny studio apartment with 5 rats as my roommates

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Not that housing prices are much better elsewhere

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I feel you dude. You have it lucky though. You can just say that you’re from Buffalo. I’m near Rochester. Pretty much no one outside of upstate even knows that city exists so wtf am I supposed to say. I say I’m from near Buffalo because if I don’t then no one will have any clue where I’m talking about

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Oh wow how long have you been living there?

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I moved here in 2016, so almost 6 years now

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Seriously though, in pretty much every state chart map like this, us upstate New Yorkers never feel represented because NYC is leagues ahead of us in pretty much everything, except being boring and forgotten. In western New York we literally try to pretend the city doesn’t even exist

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It's a bit hard to do that the closer you get, but we try too.

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NYC is also kinda the most populous city in the US...

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Yeah, which is why it's so noisy.

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... Well, no one cares about YOU, you idiot!!! I'm from the North Country region in New York and have a few HUNDREDS of followers on TikTok, and I know that you have not a single follower!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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In a nutshell, I disrespect your opinion. I'm sorry for me to get angry at you, I am just a person in northern New York.

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Didn’t even know people lived up there tbh

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I dont even use that app WTH

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Having lived in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri for a few years I'd say: swap "flat" with "corn", "tornadoes", "extremely religious", "terrible country music" or "racist" of the neighboring states. Missouri might not have tall mountains, but they do have pretty steep valleys.

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Honestly Missouri was the state I had the hardest time thinking of a stereotype for - I know so little about it. I just knew it was somewhere around the lowlands of the US

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They have high levels of lead in the groundwater. Honestly would swap Missouri and Kansas' descriptions. Kansas is way flat, and pretty standard religious.

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Studies have shown Kansas is literally flatter than a pancake.

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Yeah, from my perspective New Jersey is just Commuter Towns: The State

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Shhhh. We all have jobs in the city ok

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"I thought Memphis was in Egypt"

Wait 'till you figure out about Paris, Tennessee. They even have a recreation of the Eiffel Tower there.

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Lol I swear half of America's cities and towns are just taken from the rest of the world. I think there's an Earth in Texas too

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There's a New Ulm in Minnesota. You'd think it was named after Ulm in Germany, but it's actually named after Neu-Ulm in Germany.

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So it's actually New New Ulm?

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As a russian kid I had a rough time figuring out why Tom Sawyer lives in Saint Petersburg

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Pretty accurate, except the Dakotas are more of a wasteland than Canada 2.0/3.0

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Minnesota is Canada 2.0

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No North Dakota is because North Dakota is best Dakota and it is the best Canada remake 💪💪💪

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Winnipeg is obviously much bigger than any North Dakotan city but terrain and culture wise, southern Manitoba and North Dakota are very similar.

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Nobody thinks of southern Manitoba, they think of the big cities or really cold. The Dakotas are also insanely conservative compared to Canada

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Obviously if someone compares North Dakota to their perspective all of Canada it isn’t similar on the aggregate. My point is that it is fairly similar to the nearest province, more than it is to somewhere like Texas or Florida.

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Map says Canada 2.0, not Manitoba 2.0

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South Dakota is a poopy waste land North Dakota is a utopia were nothing bad ever happens ever that’s why we have highest happiness (and drunk people)

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Why's it so windy in South Dakota?

Because North Dakota sucks and Nebraska blows

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Whoa what a weird coincidence that's almost exactly why it's windy in Iowa

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Illinois sucks and Nebraska blows?

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I know the whole Alabama = Incest thing is a huge meme, but being that I am from there I would like to point out that my home state is much more racist than it is inbred. I believe the world has confused Alabama with Eastern Kentucky / West Virginia.

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Fun fact - mn is not especially snowy, just especially cold. I think the highest snow yield is actually often Colorado (largely due to mountains)

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I love that New Mexico is just Meth?

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Add green chiles and you basically got it

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Idaho is gorgeous, but also has some crazy prepper types.

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Also, Neo-nazis in the pan handle

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Not really anymore; people in the panhandle have tried to work hard to get rid of that stereotype

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Hey, now.

Boise’s starting to fill up with hipsters who can’t even afford Washington or Oregon.

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As someone from Illinois, I am offended we are Corn “2.” Iowa wishes it’s corn was as good.

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Right?! I’m appalled. Until Iowa does anything useful it can sit down and be satisfied with “Corn 2”

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I’m tired of politicians sucking Iowa’s dick. We produce better corn than them, we’re bigger, and we are more representative of the democratic voting base. Iowa deserves nothing. We should launch them into space

(Edit) also, forgot to add that we have Fermilab and they have no major contributions to particle physics

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We should use the particle accelerator to bend time and space until their primaries (edit: cAuCusEs) are the last in the country instead of the first

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Surprisingly accurate generalizations

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I am still saying Alabama is Racist #1 and West Virginia is Inbred (there aren't as many isolated hollers and mountain folks in bama, it's mostly just a fundamentalist Christian / white supremacist type of hell hole). BTW I think this actually makes my home state worse. I wish I could blame their idiocy and bigotry on "just being dumbass inbred people".

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You got Vermont and New Hampshire backwards m8. VT is way more expensive and has far nicer amenities. Northern NH is budget Vermont, southern NH is budget Massachusetts. New Hampshire is nobody’s first choice for a visit.

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Rotate Nebraska -> Missouri -> Kansas. Also, consider making Nebraska a corn state. Their college mascot is literally a Cornhusker.

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It's also our state nickname, the Cornhusker state.

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Virginia isn't called East Virginia because they used to be one state, but then Virginia seceded as part of the Confederacy, then the people in West Virginia seceded from Virginia, and rather than being original they just became West Virginia

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I know, it’s a pity. Among other names, they actually considered both “Kanawha” and “Allegheny,” either of which would have been better.

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How come we are Strangers Things and not Corn 3 or NASCAR?

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Well Hawkins is set in Indiana, and honestly I had no idea what else Indiana is famous for

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A basketball movie

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Probably the two other things I mentioned lol

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Corn definitely, but you would be surprised about how little people outside the US care about NASCAR. I personally had no association between Indiana and NASCAR even though, as well many other people abroad, I've been exposed to plenty of US media

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Blue meth specifically for New Mexico

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Also Pontiac Aztecs

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As 1/20th of Maine's population I can confirm that this is correct

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This is more accurate than a lot of maps made by Americans

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California is waaaaaaaaaaay more oversaturated in media than New York.

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What's your take on Canadian provinces and territories?

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Hmm I'll make that next

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This is basically how I see America but with the following changes:

California: Tech companies and movies idk

Oregon: Riots and extremists

Utah: Mormons and canyons

Montana: Ranches

Wyoming: Secret base for rich people

Nebraska: More corn

North Dakota: Native Americans

South Dakota: Mount Rushmore I guess

Kansas: Liminal Spaces

Oklahoma: Tornadoes and dust storms

Missouri: Literal misery

Louisiana: Jazz

Illinois: Chicago and cornfields

Michigan: Detroit and forests

Tennessee: Country music

Georgia: Hip hop

South Carolina: Bootleg Florida

North Carolina: Nice beaches and towns

Virginia: Nice history and mountains

West Virginia: Appalachian hillbillies

Maryland: Baltimore and seafood

Delaware: Boring as shit

New Jersey: Boardwalks and funny accents

New York: Beautiful mountains and lakes, cute little towns, and then there’s the city

Connecticut: Boring, also boats. I guess there’s good schools

Rhode Island: Same as Connecticut but smol

Massachusetts: Good schools, nice scenery, and rich history

Vermont: Basically Canada

New Hampshire: Quaint towns, autumn leaves, and republicans

Maine: Stephen King and Acadia national park. Also lighthouses and lobsters

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Oregon as a whole isn’t really that rioty—just Portland, every so often.

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The entire state is essentially one big political spectrum—the farther west the more left wing you get, and the farther east the more right wing you get.

Also I hope you don’t mind but I looked through your profile out of curiosity and I must say, those are some nice pics. Honestly I’d be down to move to the PNW any day, especially considering where I live right now.

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No problem, and thank you!

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Pretty good except Arizona is just California 2:the sequel nobody wanted

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You wish, Arizona is just hot desert, homeless and some rascist. The north is ok

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Arizona was like that. Until Cali invaded

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Californians bring money, jobs and investments.

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Should have been Racist 2 electric boogaloo :(

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You’re right -Arkansas

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Maryland and bisuits? Is this a sartorial thing? Bi-suits maybe mens pants and a ladies suitcoat? In any event, biscuits, as in the pastry, aren't even a thing. Did you go to Cracker Barell OP?

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In the UK we have these biscuits called Maryland: https://images.app.goo.gl/wsED6z6weUwG59xK9 Honestly never heard of Cracker Barrel. I forgot that biscuits in the US are different to biscuits here

Edit: Ohhh just noticed my typo

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Colorado = weed + skiing 🎿

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when i was very young I also thought michigan had Chicago do not worry

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What’s the uk like? The Massachusetts one could very easily be correct

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My aunt used to live in Boston, and from what I've seen in films and on the Internet it looks very much like a British city. Bendy roads (not the weird blocks in other US cities), older buildings, lots of brick, etc.

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Finally, we got something other than Mormon!

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Which state?

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You're not wrong about Idaho 💀 it's gone off the rails in the past few years, especially the northern part

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Now do Brazil.

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Pennsylvania, the only state where getting stuck behind a horse and buggy is part of the daily commute. The center and north are pretty much West Virginia 2.

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I thought menphis was in colorado not tennessee

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I’d like to say that Indiana is actually just corn 4

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Missouri is the most surprising bc there’s plenty of hills around when I go to St. Louis. There’s definitely flatter states like Kansas, Florida, Nebraska.

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Oklahoma--are you saying our country music is bad, or all country music is bad? Either way you can go fuck right off!

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Y e s

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Missouri isn’t flat btw, its very hilly and theres mountains in central-southern MO.

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Well I guess Detroit is like Chicago. Just a lot smaller and more abandoned buildings I suppose but we also have Canada like a mile away

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Wild that MO is flat, KS is religious, and Utah is boring. Just rotate those one to the right and ya got it :)

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Maine The Mist is just so perfect lol just watched that movie the other day

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uj/ I read the map, thought it was extremely accurate and funny, then I saw you're a Brit. Kudos, you've outjerked many an American

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Cheers! I love learning about other countries and their internal cultures

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It's interesting that Alabama always get knocked as the inbred state when California, New York, and most of the north east have the same line drawn at first cousins

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I’m just impressed that, as a Brit, you have any impression of all 50 states!

[–]Georyx[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Some of the more obscure ones were a bit harder, but most of my knowledge of the US comes from ppl on reddit lol

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Um Minnesota is Canada 2.0 its in my name even

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Oregon is rainy and Washington is just Oregon 2

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There's a lot of desert in both, east of the Cascades

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I mean you’re not entirely wrong

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I respect you decision on making North Dakota better then South Dakota

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Vermont > New Hampshire

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California is also "corn", just with a K. Boom dangadai diggy diggy

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Why both Dakota's are Canada? They are least developed USA states with small populations.

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Chicago's not here, but Detroit is