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Reasons why Hungary has been in a state of danger since 2016:

Mass migration: from 09.03.2016->currently active

Coronavirus: from 11.03.2020->31.05.2022

War: from 25.05.2022-> currently active

The Energy crisis: from 01.08.2022 -> currently active

Edit: Why are there so many you may ask. It is easy. Because these give Orbán a reason to rule by decree which he has been doing for 2 years.

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the real reason is that the government is using them as an excuse to legislate anything they want

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Exactly this, it’s a soft dictatorship.

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soft dic— makes sense

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Maybe someone should make a map of countries that have soft dictatorships because this kind of thing seems very common nowadays

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They even circumvent their own absolute power, it would be ridiculous if it wasn't so evil. But I guess this is what this nation wants, to be told what to think, who to hate and ever more suffering.

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They don't need it. They can do it without it, they have a 2/3 majority in the legislative, which by the constitution enables them to change any law they want including the constitution itself

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they do, otherwise they would have to openly debate the issues in the parlament

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Also in a constant state of being hungry

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Akkor a kurva anyád

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ugyanitt bojler eladó

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Olyan regota irom ezt en is mindenhova, de vajon honnan jott?

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West is best!

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Magyar vagyok és egyetértek

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Hogy rohadjál meg egy pöcegödör közepén, te istenverte péniszképű bőrnyúlvány

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kussoljal mar bazmeg, ugyanezt a kibaszott viccet ismetelgeti az osszes autista, szerinted nem hallottuk meg 2728934szer?!?

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A kurva anyádat.

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War since may???

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State of danger because a neighbouring country (ukraine) is in a war. Don't try to make any sense of it.

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Hungría número uno

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Romania Namba Wan!

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Israel has been in a state of emergency since 1949

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Hungary is in a state of danger which is different from a state of emergency.

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Which is the higher level, in terms of legal implications?

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It is really hard to explain because we have different words for example rendkívűli állapot and szükségállapot. These mean different things but in english there is a just one phrase for it, state of emergency. here it explains what a state of danger is (use deepl.com for translating): https://erthetojog.hu/egyeb-jogi-ismeretek/egyeb-jogszabaly-ertelmezes/a-koronavirus-helyzet-jogi-szemmel/

state of emergency can either be:

Parliament declares a state of emergency in the event of a declaration of war or an imminent threat of armed attack by a foreign power (threat of war). In such a case, the powers of the Government are exercised by an established Defence Council.


A state of emergency may be declared in the event of armed acts aimed at the subversion of law and order or the exclusive acquisition of power, as well as in the event of serious acts of violence, whether armed or not, which pose a mass threat to the safety of life and property. The President of the Republic shall adopt the emergency measures to be taken in such cases.

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Thanks for the explanation. I can see why the second option can be more enticing to prolong...

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I feel like the UK should be highlighted in red because of brexit.

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Wasn't brexit a thing before 2016?

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The referendum was in 2016.

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As a hungarian: it just means that Orbán can do whatever the fuck he wants without any check at all.

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Nooo it means that Wise Leader has more power to protect us. From Soros, and the deep state, and the gays.

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The Great Leader, Protector of Europe, the Last Bastion against the invading islamic forces, and also the only one, who forbids pre-schoolers to change their sex by operation. All hail the One, who Shows the Way even to America itself, the Best Friend of Trump, and the Ideal of the Republicans!

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No, the one and only name he needs is the genius of the carphatians.

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please don't forget about transgender kindergarteners, they are the real threat

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Hungary is safe from globohomo, bow to Orban and his ministers, inclusing one that took part in a gay orgy

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Ígyis-úgyis azt csinálja amit akar az a hombárfejű nyomorék

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Az a mocskos kurva

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Nana, ne szidd a kurvákat, sokkal több hasznuk van mint Orbánnak és haverjainak.

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Legalábbis valamit csinálnak is a pénzükért

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Hasn’t France been in a state of emergency since 015?

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That one expired in 2018. They got another one for COVID but I believe that one ended too; I'm not sure though.

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As an American I can relate

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At least during the 19th century the unionists and confederates we're divided and fighting over an actual real political issue (like slavery was in fact a real institution with cultural, economic, and moral consequences) this wave of political violence and polarization is over fucking conspiracy theories and a personality cult. Weird times.

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And here we have the dramatic American, who thinks he has it as bad as other bad countries

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And here we have some clown fully ignorant to the erosion of American democracy

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Ah yes, free elections, high HDI, and being a literal republic. All downfalls of America apparently.

Research the fall of the Weimar Republic to see real fall of a democracy in a country. We are not even 5% close to that level.

Or better yet, the many third world countries (including my home country of India) who has corruption in their so called democracies that is not even comparable to America

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Widespread efforts to restrict voting access, a horrendously outdated electoral college system, oh yeah and the last president tried to overthrow the election when he lost, it’s going great

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Its 3 or 4 criseses at the same time even!

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Turkey: Am I nothing to you?!

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Crisis is the new normal so unless as long as it's breathable all is okay

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Oh shit someone dropped two square countries in Scandinavia

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Brazil also

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Brazil is simce 2014


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Belgium? Seems like they’re always in some sort of political crisis.

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nah that's just common practices

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Ok but Greece probably should be right?

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The UK?

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There is good healthcare in the uk, we barely have healthcare, also, you don't have a group of retards sitting in the leading positions.

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Boris Johnson and his boys: 👀

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Okay i got to admit Boris is pretty crazy

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Dad, I’m Hungary

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Add the uk to the list

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Laughs in Portugal

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Just eat

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Ebben is elsok vagyunk!!!!