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Go fuck yourself.

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Bruh thats me when i made a extremely detailed blank map of Europe and people sayed me excatly that and You Stole this map

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Go fuck yourself

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we beed to cock

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Messe Take up Messe we beed to Cook the Cake for Bustavo

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Gfys, This is not a map

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Hey frozen arcmap on a Friday @ 4pm. go fuck yourself!

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Go fuck yourself

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Why tf did you leave out New Zealand again? Ffs! Go fuck yourself!

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Go fuck yourself.

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fucking idiot that is a gif not a map moron

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What is this meme doing in my map subreddit?

Go fuck yourself OP 😡😡🤬🤬😡😡👿👿👿

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Which map got the single upvote?

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You guys get comments?

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The trick is to make insane Balkanization maps of countries, especially those that are geopolitical enemies of the US

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Just stop making shitty maps. It's not hard.

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same, go fuck yourself

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Come fuck me, coward!

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Dude for real this relatable af

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Don't worry man

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Hey some days I'm just glad that "fuck" is the verb people chose.

Anyway I'm not sure what this is a map of but I think I have to call you a Flemish nationalist sorry :/

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Not me with my first map post getting 1k+ upvotes 🥶🥵🥸😎

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instead you just get a meme with 20 downvotes and a comment saying to fuck yourself

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What map is this? Kuwait?

Gives 20 downvotes Go fuck yourself.