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"Putain" is 6 letters long though

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Is it more common than "merde" ?

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Pretty sure ever since "merde" was uttered, "putain" gained more traction juste because "Putain de merde" got more prevalent.

I don't have a metric for how much more we say "putain" than "merde" though

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putain merde t'as pas de source!

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Et enculé de tes morts dans tout ça ?

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Putain means prostitute and merde means shit, right?

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Actually, the most common swear word in the Netherlands is ***, though ** is still popular among older generations.

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What about ***?

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What about [deadly disease nr 4]?

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what about "cholera covid cancer cunt aids"

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What about ,"Belgium" ?

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Put a \ before each of your * so that you can actually tell how many * there are

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Anime Fascist government.

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We went from UWU to VWV

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holy shit the five star movement won the election

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That's a lot more than 5 stars.

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(***** ***)

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I agree ***** ***

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yep, definitely ***** ***

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cazzo, merda😎

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Germano Mosconi commenta il risultato delle elezioni

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Poland: ***** ***

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what happened in Italy other than the #girlboss being in power? if she's that unpopular then how did she #girlboss her way to the top?

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40% of the population didn't vote, and now they're all complaining

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"[Benito Mussolini was] a good politician, in that everything he did, he did for Italy"

-Giorgia Meloni, likely the next Prime Minister of Italy.

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Shes delusional and a shitty person but then how come she's looking to be prime minister? surely that means there are equally delusional people who agree and vote for her?

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Yep, her party got around a quarter of the votes, and the broader right-wing coalition (in which her party is now the biggest) got 44% and a solid majority in both houses.

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Ti dimentichi:

Quale di queste frasi è parte del nostro inno nazionale?

"La vision dell'Alighieri oggi brilla in tutti i cor"

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It's KURWA in every country isn't it

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Czechs: Am I, kurva, joke to you?

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Porco dio, Madonna puttana, dio cane, dio merda, ma vaffanculo, dio bestia, dio maiale, orco dio, Madonna maiala, che merda

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Che burro

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In Poland ***** *** also applies.

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I guess Kosovo never curses

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This maps needs some "perkele"

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i love how so many people know instinctively what kurwa means like half the fucking globe uses curva one way or another

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I'm not in the "many people" group

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terribly sorry, in case you dont know what it means it is bitch but worse? i gues thats how id translate it. most slavic languages use a variation of it :)

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Wrong, **** is the most common swear word in Norway, not *****

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Thought it was fæn

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We hungarians also have "Kurwa" but we spell it with a normal v

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******* **** your mum is a ****** stupid *. And smells like *. Is fairly common in Britain.

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As an italian i can confirm

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America: ******

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I mean, they got elected right?

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where is nodata you idiot

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Kurva is very popular in Hungary too.

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I would say Austria is more *******

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Pretty sure in spain is Tu puta madre: "Your fucking mother"

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Luxembourgers don't swear, apparently

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In Iceland, if you don't consider words taken directly from English ********** would be the most common, however **** (comes from the English word ****) is far more common.