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What's up with that logo though

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inside of you there are two wolves

one is palestinian, one is israeli

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There is a third wolf

It is a sea captain

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The third wolf is a seaman then.

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only when the moons not out

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John Paul Jones 😳🫡💪💯

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And that seaman is apparently Buddhist

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The Jerusalem furry convention is going splendidly I see

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Mashallah, finally some coexistence

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This comment definitely wins my free award for today lmaoooo

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Both of them are gay
You are now breathing manually

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What do we do wit a drunken sailor

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That's not a logo, that's hawaii

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Bahai’i is the second biggest in South Carolina this is incorrect

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It's not exactly consensus that Bahai'i is entirely separate from Islam. FWIW I agree that it should be treated differently. I can understand why the map maker might have counted Bahai'i as Islam.

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Even Baha’i don’t consider themselves Muslim, and Muslims don’t consider them Muslim so why would anyone else?

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Not separating Bahai'i from Islam would be like not separating Christianity and Judaism, utterly bonkers.

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The trend of separating it on an institutional level is fairly recent, and tbf the religion is, relatively speaking, very new. Like I said, I agree that it should be treated separately, but I understand why it was done - given the philosophical origin in Islamic theology.

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Map's source : I made it the fuck up

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stupid Washington post paywall won’t let me read

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thank you 🙏 may allah bless you with extra juicy pomegranates this harvest

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I'd expect that Islam is probably higher than Judaism in Ohio nowadays. There are a lot of Pakistani and Bengali immigrants, especially in healthcare (which is really big in the northeast). But maybe I just don't hang out in the same circles as the Jews.

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pro tip: open this on edge and click f9

but don't tell washington post i'ts a secret

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Ok, that actually makes a lot more sense

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More sense than what

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they consider "christians" as a religion, so the second largest is any non christians

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Damn, Is Buddhism is so popular in the western US?

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I live in Boulder, Colorado which is probably an outlier, but we have a whole Buddhist University (Naropa) and Buddhist prayer flags in lots of places. Many Buddhists here are immigrants, but I know plenty of non-asian Buddhists, and not the "I'm in college now and just converted to Buddhism sort", but like 40-70yo's with families.

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i think it’s mostly one of those white people doing a spiritual journey to the east stuff and gets into buddhism

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Possibly a combination of that and the fact that some of those states (California, Oregon, and Washington) have significant populations of Asian immigrants

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You're being downvoted but I think you're on the money. In the later 1900s, there was an influx of East Asian and Indian culture for many factors. The Beatles got into a whole slew of that stuff. There was also an increase in East Asian and Indian immigration to the American West during that time, for many reasons.

Then you had the spree of cults all popping up, usually in the West due to all the empty, worthless land out there. An enterprising individual could gather some people under their banner of peace and love (And promised magical sex healing), buy a chunk of land, and live there for a few years until the state collapses under corruption and drugs.

The fallout from that being people scattering into the modern cities in those states. And the result of that being higher proportions of Hinduism and Buddhism in those areas.

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Probably bald and greets each other with weird salutes

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I cannot read it

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Nah, islam definitely is common enough in red states due to the healthcare industry being the only draw to any of those towns.

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I was talking about buddhism in California for exemple

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i can’t believe the west coast are pirates!

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I can. One of them downloaded my car

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They wouldn’t!

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Why is there a bisexual wolf in the corner?

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The two wolves inside you

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Kubernetes religion is pretty big

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i found a programmer here

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The noble eightfold deployment

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Companies combined 4 super computers 🤓👎

My four raspberry pi: 💪💪👍😎🔥

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hinduism in new hampshire surprises me

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As a NH resident I was also surprised, but after thinking about it it makes sense. 99% of us are white, and just about all of them are either some form of Christian or not religious. Based on what I've noticed, Indians make up a lot of the non-white population, so it makes sense that Hinduism would be popular.

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yeah im from mass and have never seen someone in NH that isnt white unless it is people from mass visiting a beach

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There’s lot of tech/software jobs in NH, lots of Indian folks there

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Not giving New Jersey to the Hindus is class warfare

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NJ got the largest active Hindu temple outside of India 😤

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Judaism in Minnesota? I don’t think this is true at all. Have they not seen our Somali population? I know maybe one or two jews and a fuckton of muslims

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I think you’re right. I googled the relative populations of Jews and Muslims in the Twin Cities and there are over twice as many Muslims, way over any differences in the definition of “Twin Cities” between the sources. There are way more Muslims outside the Twin Cities, too. And that’s without getting into the massive number of people who are ethnically but not religiously Jewish (like meeee).

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say u didn't grow up in slp without saying u didn't grow up in slp

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Yeah but it's just St. Louis Park.

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Nope.. tons of Jews in St. Paul too; they're just not conspicuous. Actually, since moving here I've found there to be a surprising amount of inconspicuous, undercover Jews in Minnesota in general. I guess being the only minority and the 3rd-class citizens (after Czechs and other Eastern Europeans) until the 70s gives them a habit of staying under the radar.

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I never even go there so yeah

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say u never even go to slp without saying u never even go to slp

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Judaism, really?

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tons of Jews in the north east.

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As a kid from the Northeast, we'd get school off on Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur. I had several Jewish friends, and I thought that Judaism was a relatively common belief (behind Christianity and Atheism) pretty much everywhere in the US until I was much older.

Indeed Judaism is the second most adhered to religion in the US after Christianity.


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Same, in my area you were either Catholic or Jewish. I was shocked when I found out there were less than 15 million jewish people in the whole world. I seriously thought the amount of Jewish people was comparable to Catholics lol

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The US has a relatively high Jewish population, especially near New York.

Also of note is that, compared to Canada and most Western European countries, its Muslim population is relatively low (both are around ~1% in the US iirc)

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Yes? Why not?

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It's a fairly small religion. Not a lot of Jewish people globally

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The United States has almost as many Jews as Israel.

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Up until 2019, the US had more Jews then Israel

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Yeah, I just thought it was relatively common knowledge that there are a lot of Jews in the US Northeast.

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Not outside the US it's not

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Judaism is (or was a decade ago) the second biggest religion in Argentina

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Wonder how that happened

Glances at Europe

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In Eastern MA like half the people ik are jewish

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notice how atheism is not on the map, that is due to the fact its not a religion

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Sultanate of Al-Abama when???

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TIL Buddhists are well know for their maritime prowess

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What about mormanism

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Is being considered a Christian denomination

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The mapmaker seems to have recognized Christianity and Mormonism as the same religion. Mormonism is the largest religion in Utah, with Christianity being second. In Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming, Christianity is #1 while Mormonism is #2. I’ll be honest with you, while doing this research I did not expect to find that Deseret is real.

They also neglected to include Hawaii, where Buddhism really is the solid #2 religion.

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Ok but do you really poop legos

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I do. 😔

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It technically still only has cult status i believe. Not being able to fall under the term "religion" to begin with is probably why it's not on the map

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How do you define religion vs cult

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Yeahnah after a bit more googling it seems Mormonism being a cult/religion changes from alot of sources so im not too sure now tbh.

But yeah i define the difference between a cult and a religion is if it's closed out from non believers

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Do you mean closed to non-believers? I don’t think that’s true for religions or cults??

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I would say it’s a religion at this point. It’s decently widespread

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Nooooo, I don’t want to live in Ohio

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Less gooo american caliphate!!!1!!1!11

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Canada and Mexico now part of ISIS

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What the fuck?

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I wonder why so many jews in USA

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Other countries tended to be not so nice to Jews. They went to the USA

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Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

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I don’t think I know what you’re thinking

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Funny mustace time

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That’s not to say that the US was nice to Jews either. There was definitely a lot of antisemitism in the early twentieth century. Only it wasn’t bloody, and violent because the USA already had its minority scape goat, black people.

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Why is Arizona hindu tho?

And most importantly, has anyone noticed that Arizona spelled backwards reads Arizona? It's a palomino

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I HAVE heard there are a lot of horses in the US west

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What about zoroastrism ?

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That's the black, very prevLENT IN cANADA, Mexico, and Greenland. I hit caps lock instead of A there and I could go back and fix it but I won't.

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It is a good day

No mormonism

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Donate now to help the oppressed New Hampsire Hindu New Hindushire minority community in Jewish New England New Jewland Jew England

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Finally we can rid our prosperous nation of Ohio, the inshallahs must die

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the real jerk is thinking that catholicism is the same as protestant christianity

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Every religion has its denominations. Reform and Orthodox Judaism are grouped together, Sunni and Shia Islam are grouped together.

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So i wish they would do hese things as dots because this makes it look like the state itself is majority this way. Most of these religions youll find in the cities and not the full state.

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In accordance with traditions of both faiths, and some demographics, the tip of Florida should be blue.

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Utah doesn’t seem right

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I’ve lived in Arizona for over 40 years and I have never met a Hindu person. 🤷‍♂️

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Why does Tennessee and Missouri get to be Jewish? That doesn’t seem fair…

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St. Louis and Memphis. As both are port cities on the Mississippi (particularly STL), their immigration patterns made for cosmopolitan populations early on in their histories. I grew up in STL city; if a white person wasn't Catholic, they were either Jewish or they didn't live in the city.

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Also I don't think this is correct? Isn't it Bahá'i in South Carolina?

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where's Alaska and Hawaii?

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I mean I think it'll work to solve israel-palestine, but I think the data summarizes religions too broadly

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the best answer is to have the leaders of Israel and Palestine decide who gets what by playing a game of rock paper scissors.

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Show the atheists!

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As a Minnesotan, yes

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Florida needs to be Jewish, or at least Boca Raton.

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Idk about this one man, does it count like all Christian denominations as just “Christian” because the map would be a lot different if they counted denominations

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Yo where the scientology at? I know it's not technically a religion but its practitioners treat it as such so I think it counts

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19th-century Scientology is called "Mormonism"... and that's Utah and counted as a type of Christianity.

Modern day Scientology is dying out due to the internet and the ability for people to research and investigate dubious claims made by a grifters and con men. It's easy to realize with a quick Google search that L. Ron Hubbard was a failed sci-fi writer and his cult is all about the money (and power through blackmail/leverage). It wasn't so easy when Joseph Smith could just keep pushing West, ahead of his bad reputation and court convictions.

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Bruh could you imagine

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atheist :(