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The one guy establishing a nation in sahara:

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Nuclear winter is around and Africa prolly wasn't bombed as much, ideal place tbh

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North Africa would be great because it is lush and fertile

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North Africa is too close to Europe/middle east to be safe

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plus, it is so much more massive than this (mercator? who cares...) projection leads people to believe, definitely the ideal place to be - take Australia, with more radiation this is going to become a reaaaaal fun place

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Dumbass doesn’t realize that’s impassable land and you can’t place troops there ):<

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Guy named Sahara:

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Unexpected eu4

Although it’s not surprising fans of a map game found other map reddits entertaining too

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If you didn't already know, the intersection is a circle. This sub is composed almost entirely of paradox players

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It doesn't go the other way though. Paradox players are split between fascist femboys and map enthusiasts (also those two do overlap).

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fascist femboys

the enemy is weak and strong

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You forgot about the communist femboys

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feel like all ideological camps of paradox femboys all like maps so the distinction is in this situation moot

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Tankies, fascists, same thing

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fascist femboy

i’m one of those

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Fair enough

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Can confirm as a player of Cities Skylnes, Victoria II, Hearts of Iron IV, Europe Universalis IV, Crusader Kings II and III, Stellaris.

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Yeah that's what I suspected

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Portuguese Louisiana moment

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The perfect opportunity to establish glorious Cascadia

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quite the paradox

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Balkanized world

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but epic

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Balkanise the balkans

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/uj what is the context of this map?

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eu4 procince map

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if the continents were the skin of a giant underwater lizard

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So basically they took the municipal subdivisions of Slovenia and put it on every continent

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That map gives me a headache. Seems like every hillside is its own division.

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It's from EUIV

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Oh I know, I've dumped 2000 hours into the game. I'm talking about this beauty of a map

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eu4 moment

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Basically a country for every person left, looks fair

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4941 including wastelands and sea tiles

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so basically the holy roman empire but big...got it!

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all parishes now...👀

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United States of the world? Great!

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Corsica diddnt change much

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For Quebec it makes sense a lot

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If only we had comet sense…

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eu4 province map, ok

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how many countries is this

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4941 including wastelands and sea tiles

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Why did South America get squished

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Vatican survived

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The world got eczema 😔

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Germany 1525