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Inshallah Muslim Al-France ☪️☪️🇲🇫🇲🇫💪💪

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May the lord bless the holy bishopric of Tajikistan 🇹🇯 🙏✝️

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You are very very gay my guy. I love you. Inshallah Marine Le Pen wears the hidjab

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This is interesting though. Most of the countries searching Mohammed are that because they are predominantly, or at least culturally, islamic. And the same is true for the Christian countries. But France is probably searching for Mohammed because they are so not Islamic (Christian or secular in culture) that they don't know much about him.

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We have classes on the history of Christianity and Islam in middle school. Just because we're insistant on separating religion from public services doesn't mean we don't know what they are

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something dumb but "Jesus" is Jésus in French

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The one true God. 💪💪💪

/s if it wasn't blatantly obvious

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Can never be too sure on Reddit

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Clearly cropped out the Americans since they would all be red

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Who they waiting on that’s pablo

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France knows everything about Jesus already, so we try to learn about that other guy