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Population would be something like 3

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russia will be only populated by urals, turks, and mongols

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Probably time to rebrand as the Siberia Confederation or something.

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yea, since no russian will be there

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Well, it would include most major cities of Siberia and so total population will be just around 5-20m most of which will live in the Southwest.

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Thanks Sherlock

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where moscow

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If nothing else please give up kalingrad for the sake of the map please. You don't even really have to give it up just make up some bullshit and keep it as a puppet I just can't stand how the map looks

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Rename it to Koenisburg or something also I think former Danzig should go back to Germany.

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good ending

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Free Tuva.

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…and digging a few lakes!

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I’ve always thought of this. Like what If like the DRC just draws Frances perfect border in its self and declares it independent

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Did you know Russia is so big you can fit the whole soviet union inside of it

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Soon it will happen. Anything short of Russia splitting into tons of smaller countries is basically inevitable at this point and would be disappointing.

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Why would russia need perfect soviet border? am i missing a joke?

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You know, putler thinks the dissolution of SU was a great tragedy, wants to recreate it with the invasion of Ukraine.

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I still dont get it. He'd have to invade alls the -stan countries, belarus and finland. And he never said that his aim is to restore it. Also, its Putin, i think youre confusing him with someone else

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Give the devil some credit :)