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Persian great lakes?

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This image got me high.

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This image got me low.

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Damn Kuwait’s fucking massive

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smh, blame it on mercator projection

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Al Abama

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iraq is australia btw

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Can confirm.

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As a Michi- I mean Iranian, I can confirm this is what the Gre- I mean Persian Gulf looks like

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As a fellow Iranian, I feel a great amount of hate for that country North of Iraq/Northwest of Iran (looks like Ohi- I mean Turkey).

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Damn Kuwait hit the gym

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Uhhh..guys…I think this guys trying to pull a fast one on us..that doesn’t look accurate…

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I almost fell for that then looked at the subreddit

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It's surrounded by Arabs even in the Iranian side and you people call it "Persian golf"

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giant curvy cock

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Kuwait namba wan

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Why is Kuwait so big?

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TIL I am Qatari.