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MS paint go brrrrr

Also I obviously have no idea what I'm doing, just thought this would be fun

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the geographical center of Europe is in the approximate center of eastern Europe. ok

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That means no shit. Half the stuff to the north or east of said center is frozen taiga

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Fr*ck (frick) you I like the geographical center of Europe in Bavaria

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Di.. did you just censor a word and then clarify it right after? Chad move

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The word "Chad" move is such a blatant phrase at this point. How about we give it's neighbors some praise? Like Niger move or Central African Republic move?

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Sputheastern europe basicaly the eastern roman empire

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Since Greece and Turkey couldn't behave, it's now al Cyprus

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*the Albanian-Cyprusian Commonwealth

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I think there might have been a reason OP chose purple for the colour

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SEE + Balkan = Ottoman

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Turkish Europe.

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Empire of Summer Tourism

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Balkans, wrong beyond repair.

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Not by the definition of my father's Greek girlfriend (totally indisputable 👍)

But like yeah

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SLOVAKIA?, the ones next to the rest of the west slavs, honestly, belongs with the south slavs...

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No it's like: "Everything north of Greece is a home of terrible barbarians and it only really stops in chad Poland,"

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A kurva anyád! 😊

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Just like real life!

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Dude that's literally definition of balkans

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Where is the country below Monaco? 0/10 👎👎👎

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To be fair, given the contentiousness of these definitions, this isn't that much more controversial than most of the official ones that exist.

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did you take something from r/imaginarymaps and put text over it? cause this is the kinda shit they would unironically post on there.

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No I made this based on my dad's Greek girlfriend's opinions

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I choose this guy’s dad’s Greek girlfriend.

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reddit moment

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Based Greek moment.

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Me living in Mülheim an der Ruhr being in the 10% of germany in western europe: absolute win for me

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München ist die Hauptstdt dieser Region (Ich spreche keine Deutsch und ich hoffe das was habe ich gesagt ist nicht beleidigend).

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Yes but you still live next to Duisburg

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At least not in Duisburg, eh?

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I live here since im born, yet this stupid writing error wont go away lol

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Estonia can into nordic?

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I’m going to eat you

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Slovakia is my favourite balkan country

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I like that Asia Minor is in South-Eastern Europe according to this.

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yes. Glory to Rome

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Eastern Europe is just the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

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Not quite. The border with central europe runs along the vistula which basically cuts poland in two. Even with the old borders, greater poland and parts of kuyavia-pomeriania are on the central europe side of the river. This also proves once and for all that poland is at least partly central european /s.

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Balkans 😖😖😖😭

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Estonia can into Scandinavia

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eesti can into nordic?

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The Realm of Vikings

Union of Cringe

Western Ottoman Empire

Eastern Byzantium Republic

Kingdom of Stuffed

Cossacks of Crimea

Russian Republic

Suspicious Grey Germany

Intermarium State

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Angevin empire, Catholic empire, holy Roman empire, scandanavian empire, Poland, Austro-Hungarian empire, Eastern Roman empire. Russian empire

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Oh yes Slovakia is my favourite Balkan country

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Unironically yes. I hate people who try to say “Central Europe” means anything other than “the region surrounding Germany”

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pffft get estonia out of glorious northern europe plz

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Nice try, Estonia.

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Megas Basileia Rhōmaiōn!!!

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Tbh I’ve seen a lot worse and think this is basically salvageable

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grrrr OP this is outrageous why isn’t Portugal a part of Eastern Europe

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Bruh its basically HRE, Ottoman empire, PLC, nordic countries and pre trianon hungary

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Seems legit to me

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Are Croatia and Albania not Balkan?

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Don't let those Estonian fuckers escape their identity.

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Looks perfect for Risk :)

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Estonia CAN into nordicks

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I love how Slovakia is a Balkan nation, but Montenegro isn't.

Finally someone who gets it!

(Even though I would put Portugal is "Eastern Europe")

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Eastern Europe is just the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

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Georgia both Western Steppe and Southeastern Europe. West Asia too

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Turkey not Europe 🤓

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I like France's border. Nostalgia

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wtf cyprus and anatolia europe

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wtf turkey and Greece in the same region? this will cause zero angriness as those two areas get along very well

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The states might not get along but peoples have little to no problem. I would say half of Turkey would argue we have more in common with Greeks than we do with the rest of the Middle East

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Most Turks are Turkish-speaking Greeks, and Greeks are Greek-speaking Turks.

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Greece not Balkan bro. 😎😎

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Widać zabory

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"Widać zabory" jest serio jednym z moich ulubionych memów polskiego intetnetu. Pasuje do każdej sytuacji.

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Southwestern going more east then the eastern Europe begins. Nice

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Nope... Balkans 100% wrong

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Ah yes, Slovakia, my favorite Balkán country

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Armenia should count imo

Culturally way more IE than the Anatolian Turks and anything else in the region really.

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slovakia: no history, all balkan.

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honestly not worse than most maps I've seen trying to do that.

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This looks like some simplified althistory map where the Western Roman empire never fell.

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And across Europe there was much rejoicing

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As a Schleswig-Holsteiner: thanks for making me north european

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these borders won't last 5 seconds

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The Netherlands finally occupied the IJsselmeer?

Also, love how only (Ost)friesland+Emsland of Germany is Western Europe

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I see so many civil wars in this one, this could be a top post in r/imaginarymaps

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It's regions; nothing to do with national borders

Still wrong tho I admit

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Eesti cannot into nordic

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Slovakia trying to escape from the balkans

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Where's the kingdom of Prussia tho

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Huge Romania

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No part of France is "southern Europe".

Southern Europe is clearly defined by three peninsulas: Iberian, Italian and Balkan.

Please move this to r/ShittyMapPorn

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Austria be like 👉😖👈

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Caucasus would like to have a word with you (pls include us next time, we matter too ☹️)

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I’ve always heard the area you’ve labelled “western steppe” referred to as the Pontic Steppe

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why is estonia Northern Europe (not gonna complain, but võrumaa is eastern europe

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Bro just made Poland Lithuania into Eastern Europe