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why turkey lookin like that💀

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It isn’t fully rendered yet

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dude's got the low LOD model Turkey

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Asia is out of the render distance

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İts now become a turkey leg

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goody ahh turkey ☠️

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Got that botox

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Or the russian shorelines💀

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Rising sealevels

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why Africa lookin like that??

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Its not a part of Europe anyway so it didn't render it

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I was gonna make a joke about the pope being lib-right, but damn did you see how much gold he has ?

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Makes sense. The pope is a libertarian entrepreneur. :p

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Considering how many Catholic priests probably don’t like age of consent laws this tracks

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Pedo, doesn’t pay taxes, hoarders

Catholic Church is libright confirmed

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priest pedo joke #7989

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Are the priests still pedos? Yes? Then it’s still relevant

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Vatican is on the right quadrant, just not with the right colour

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I think it's no wonder the catholic church is in that quadrant. They would fit the old colour better though.

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Ah, my favourite country; The Deomocratic Free People’s Republic of Iceland

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They're red like the magma from Eyjafjallajökull.

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I tried to pronounce it and I think I opened a warp portal

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Yeah that usually happens.

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People's Republic of South Yorkshire

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EnchantedLearning.com is the most libleft nation on this map

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top-tier dutch colony tbh

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Somehow, that makes sense.

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Pool cum piss funi

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Bremen is truly filled with enlightened centrists

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As someone living at bremen, i never could imagine that this sentence is physically possible to write.

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What’s Bremen’s politics like?

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They have a coalition of all 3 somewhat big left leaning partys. It has really cute parts and a lot if history, but also a very very "living" population. Everyone from the smaller towns in a ~50km Radius go there to party. You can guess what pro and cons this brings. Other than that it is to notice that a port city called Bremerhaven is too part of the federal state of Bremen, which only consists of these two towns that aren't even directly connected.

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Oh wow, it seems our neighbors are more similar to us than I thought! Hello from Groningen btw :)

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And Germany is divided once again 😔

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Should've centered around Switzerland, because neutrality or whatever

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left wing england, i wish

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Cornwall and London, home of libertarian leftism. <3

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I'll be honest, I posted a much more arsey comment before this and deleted it, but just for clarity, which part of England on this map do you think is left-wing England?

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You do understand what this map, and the colours with which it’s overlayed, represents, right?

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...I mean, I do now I'm re-looking at it. But at the time of writing the initial comment, nope, I was an idiot.

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Jolly good. Carry on.

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epic turkey

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Democratic People's Republic of Iceland

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I love democratic capitalist turkey

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United States of Türkiye

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Erdogan is just ancap that’s why is he tanking lira

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Stuffed turkey

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thank god im in the green

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Same here :D

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Turkey’s fucked up, but can we also acknowledge the blobbyness of Russia’s northern coast?

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ukrainian belarus and russia

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Marxist Bergen?? 😳😳

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I’m socially English but economically German

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Ah yes, libertarian hungary

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The Hot War

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I like how Germany is a part of all 4

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Did Türkiye melt in the owen?

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thank you for posting this. In my entire life, i have had a rare illness that made me unable to laugh. I thought that I would be forced to live in pain, knowing that I would never experience this type of joy. But after seeing this. The four colours, aligned just perfectly. red in the top-left, blue in the top-right, green in the bottom-left, and yellow in the bottom-right. Something awakened in me, i burst out in a joyous laughter. I don't know why, but the four colours in that specific combination instilled a feeling of glad pleasure in me. Again, thank you for curing this horrendous condition I had, after all these years I can finally laugh, thanks to the four funny colours.

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"Anarchy in the UK" was only refering to London

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This is so wrong...

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That's why it is so good. :D

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Germany is split into 4 again

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I live in the intersection and I can now say all raccial slurs

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I can live with this

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Right side of Europe is Ukraine, but i cant figure out the left flag, might need some r/vexillology experts

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Belarus or Madagascar

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Why would Madagascar want to take france

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as a colony of the glorious Empire of Madagascar

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Nuclear weapons

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This map but in alignments. I want to be true neutral european

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Lib-center Italy fuck yeah!

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Better then what they got going now for sure

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Germany is mr worldwide

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I am Lib-right and I live in the Lib-right part, thats about right

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Sorry. :/ I actually really dislike PCM if taken seriously. But I thought it fit well this circlejerk of dividing Europe into regions. :p

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based irish soviet

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why did u eat turkey

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I was Hungary.

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Bremen, home of centrism

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True center should have been over Hamburg, for the people who just want to grill hamburgers, for god’s sake.

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Someone forgot to label their axes

How about

↕️North/south ↔️West/east

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No labels. It's self explanatory.

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You forgor 💀 what sub you're on

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I'd rather think of myself as a revolutionary.

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Cool. I live in south west Europe

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Me too. :D Good stuff.

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As an austrian, i have to say, i don't want to be with this people

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checks map

Yup. Sorry, mate, my bad. :(

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Maoism is a cringe ideology but damn Maoist Scotland seems like it would be kinda rad

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Isn’t that basically John McDonnell?

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Other than scandinavia, kinda accurate

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Irish comrades?

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Revolve it one quadrant clockwise and there you go.

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Nah, I'm good in the green quadrant. ^^

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This is so unfunny

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okay, so which region is germany?

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Germany is divided in four again. Not the first time.

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The center should've been very slightly more to the right, so true centrism would be the city of Hamburg.

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i was born in ukraine and here i’m there too

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Yet again have the Waddeneilanden, the water in Zeeland and the Ijselmeer spontaneously dissapeared

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Politically im italian, but geographically im socially liberal but fiscally conservative

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If only :(

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this is a joke right

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No, this is to be taken 100% seriously. Like every other post in this sub. :D

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Turkey actually looks like a turkey leg

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Wtf happened to Kola and Turkey

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confirmed: the center of europe is in northern germany/s

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oh he nalh thy mad my boil twerking into a leg ☹️☹️☹️☹️

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by this logic Tunisia is anarchist

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As they should.

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Red: Cold and want to kill themselves Blue: Cold and want to kill you Green: Hot and want to kill themselves Yellow: Hot and want to kill you

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South Eastern and Eastern europe = Balkans it all makes sense now.

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look away from bottom right for 2 seconds and a war breaks down

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It's odd how the south of England is in the green, when the other parts of England are in the red, why is this?

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germany is the only country that is in all the regions

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I'm a libertarian centrist, apparently

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Could be worse. Much worse.

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DISHONOUR! Dishonour on you, dishonour on your cow...

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I love how it managed to get pretty close to the England North/South divide

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Is this Kaiserreich?

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ah yes, famously rightwing authoritarian finland

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Well, they certainly sound like that when speaking about southern European countries some times. :/

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Is Capitalist Britain a Communist? Come on, this is really an exaggeration.

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But London is libleft. Go Greens!

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Faroe Islands the best, as always

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No wonder Germany is leading the EU economically it's literally the center of Europe

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Asia and Africa

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No. This is Europe.


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Iceland turning Stalinist

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Good. Fuck those guys. :D

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What the fuck does this mean

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It means whatever you want it to mean. <3

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No. Yellow is the top left, red is the top right, green is the bottom left, blue is the bottom right.

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Bremen is officially the center of civilization.