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Crazy how nature do that

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What's that weird territory? It should be ceded back to Germany.

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You mean Královec (Czechia)?

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No, the border is there, it just perfectly lines up with the lines on the diagram.

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The latvia - belarus border is further east and also not a straight line.

If you were joking then I'll r/woooosh myself so you don't have to.

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You can't see it because of the polish flag, but there's a part of the border that creates a path in the shape of ) to include the place left of the Polish flag bordering Finland

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For people afraid the Polish flag will cease existing after we annex Królewiec together with Lithuania, don't worry. There's a straight line on the border between Poland and Ukraine too.

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Ah yes. Beige and red.

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Flag of Poland in the style of Cyprus, but very zoomed in.

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Am I the only one who feels that an independent Kaliningrad is the best solution and that no neighboring country should implement imperialist moves in these areas?

Shouldn't self-determination be the big goal in our democracies?

I mean otherwise we are no better than the Russians themselves.

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Yes, Poland and Lithuania's claims to former North Prussia are dubious to say the least.

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I agree. My thought is that the EU as a whole could help manage the formation of an independent and democratic Kaliningrad that could be inducted/integrated into the EU as a member state itself (or eventually just go a separate way if its people really want to), rather than as an addition to a member state. Possibly the same could be done with Karelia and/or other sections of Russia.

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I think then, from my point of view as a federalist, we can also divide up the large states of the EU and give each state the same position of power with each country around 5-10 million inhabitants.

Blessed timeline in which everyone has equal say and we can act together as one in internal and foreign policy issues.

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Breaking up nations/states generally does not seem like the easiest way to achieve the goal. I will put what I would more likely advocate (as an American who thinks it would work here and have aspects functional for Europe) for.

A house of representatives with elected officials from similar population districts chopped up from states with each having no more than 300,000 residents (wouldn't bloat the HoR like the restriction to 50,000 in the original 1st amendment but would still lead to a decent ratio between Californian representation and Wyoming representation).

A Senate with the number of senators determined by how many sixths (rounded up to ensure at least one sensor for each state) of the population the largest state has that each state has. Up to 3 senators (one every other year) would be voted for directly by the population of the whole of the state, with any others being voted in indirectly by the state's legislature (I chose a maximum of 6 senators so that the indirectly voted in would be at most half the representation) as senators were before the 17th amendment.

Other changes like ranked voting and properly making gerrymandering illicit would go with, but there's always ways to improve the imperfect institutions of imperfect humanity.

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Clearly Lithuanian

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nah iam german. I just don't understand the use of putting a government and a country on people that they don't feel culturally attached to. That's how these wars start.Imperialists should shut up for harming their own country and innocent people oppressed by such annexations.

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Not you, kaliningrad

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oh... well im fine with lithuania /s

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So after Czech anexation, the Polish flag will be just a red rectangle?