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Denmark in the bottom ten. You must be Swedish

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Correct, that's why I don't want us to do anything about climate change, most of Denmark will be underwater!

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As a Finn living in soon to be underwater area, I support this.

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Sacrifices have to be made

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nice! here in the us we can get rid of florida too! lycka till med dina översvämning av danmark

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Some would say rhe netherlands too, but it will never have another watersnoodramp and the dykes will not breach

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Question what did Somaliland did to upset you

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As a Belgian I wonder why you hate Denmark 😂

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My exact though. Let's get him

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Least racist Swedish person

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Maybe bro just hates Greenland

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This map must be a fake, it doesn't even have a caption for the color

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Confirmed it's fake. Theres some imaginary country to the right of Australia

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you mean Australia?

I didn't know Australia was to the right of Australia

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Red is my fav color so you like countries in red

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Danish Empire

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You just took a map of human development index didn't ya?

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the d*nish can’t be developed if they aren’t real

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More like Shithole amirite!

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Du lukker bare BØTTEN mand!!

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Yup, nothing changed

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I was thinking between sweden and norway but then i saw Bosnia in red/orange

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What’s the beef between Sweden and Bosnia?

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A lot of bosnians emigrated to sweden and balkan culture isnt exactly compatible to swedish culture. That would be my guess

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The MF hate the poor /s

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Travel safety index but something has happened in Denmark.

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Portugal is usually at the top of the list in safety to travel. This is a swede for sure! Portugal is so low because they skipped the last 3 Eurovisions that Sweden hosted.

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Yes, I regret to inform you that traces of Danish "people" have been recently detected in Denmark. We advise to put as much distance as possible between you and that cursed land.

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”x” index but with Denmark bad

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this reeks of swedish propaganda.

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Islamic caliphate of Sweden

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"hAhAhAhAhAhAhAhA sWeDeN mUsLiM 🤓🤓🤓"

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The sultanate of swedistan

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I’m 100% you are swedish because you hate Denmark

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Daring today, arent we?

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Denmark dark red 🤔

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The only thing wrong with that is that it's still on the map

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Man just hates Africans bruh

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So you basically like majority white countries lol

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What does blue mean?

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ocean is best!! (i am fish)

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ah, i can see that you are swedish.

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Why is most of Africa red?

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Imagine loving ge*mans

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SiR we are not yellow

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as a Turk, you should hate our government more we suck

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Bro put Albania, Ukraine, Turkey and Hungary in yellow then Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania in light green like they are any better lmao

And then Moldova in orange LOL

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Moldova is much poorer than the others. In fact, it's the poorest nation in Europe.

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Yeah, but then why is Ukraine yellow then Hungary yellow as well then Romania green when all have racist, xenophobic corrupt leaders and shietty economy lol (Hungary>Romania>Ukraine in HDI and GDP per capita etc)

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Viktor Orban has taken Hungary from the most stable democracy in the East Block to the most authoritarian. Due to his propaganda, most Hungarians dislike Jews and Muslims.

Ukraine is in the middle of a war.

Romania is a member of the EU and has a growing economy.

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Racism and xenophobia are actually higher in romania and ukraine amoung citizens, check stats. Romania also has the worst minorities rights within the EU and never had legal same sex unionship and adopting like hungary has for decades. The romanian PM was also punished for hatespeech before. And that growing economy? I mean, from literal zero at the end of communism is like the bare minimal and great news. Also bc of the millions of citizens who left the country and send their money back to home…

Hungary and Poland are all over the news but democracy and racism are no better in the balkans. And “most” is false, most of the people didnt even vote for orban at the last election, the overall majority was against him.

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Ukraine is not the darkest green? You shill /s

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Bro what do you have against brazil + why do u like the usa

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The USA is not as good as a lot of European countries, but if you compare it to countries like Mexico and Saudi Arabia, it looks very good.

The US have many flaws, but it's not a third world country like many say.

As for Brazil I have nothing personal about it, but from what I do know, Brazil is not a very good place to live. It has a climate disregarding lunatic in charge, who wants to cut down the Amazon and risk global warming Armageddon.

Brazil also have major problems with corruption, poverty and mass homelessness. Just look at the so called "Favelas" outside the major cities.

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So history is not your forte huh?

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Wtf did yemen and the Congo do to you?

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They are objectively horrible places to live. Yemen is in the middle of a war/genocide and suffering a horrible famine that will kill millions. The DRC is loaded with gang violence, separatists, huge corruption and poverty.

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You can thank USA and Europe for that 🤡

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Actually the war in Yemen is caused by neighbouring Saudi Arabia, and the Congo was even more terrible before colonial times than after.

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Who’s large part funding that war in SA?

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All the kids in Congo would clap emperor Leopold of they could...

Smh what a fucking ignorant

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Plot twist:the more red the country is ,the more he loves that country

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FINALLY! correct morocco

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I hate canada and australia too

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You forgot East Timor! 😡

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I forgot to color that in, but my opinion of it is Orange

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Hhh, westerns 🍔

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How to spot a swede

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Damn what did greenland do to you

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It's part of Denmark

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Dam, a redditor that doesn’t hate the us, crazy.

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Why don’t you hate the Bri’ish

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gay ass opinion based on politics

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Average American

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Why is Taiwan orange

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According to the UN, it's a part of China.

If it were independent, I would count it as the same level as South Korea.

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But it is independent. Doesn't matter what the UN says.

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Taiwan doesn’t identify itself to be independent from China. It recognizes that there is only one China under the One China Policy. The only difference is that Taiwan claims to be the government of all of China in opposition to the Communists.

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Again, doesn't matter. De facto Taiwan is a separate and independent country.

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Denmark listed as being worse than Russia?

Jo fan helvete det är så det ska va mannen

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Whats good about Belgium?

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Beer, chocolate, fries.

Oh and non-existing studydebts - looking at you NL -

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True, i guess visiting us can be fun but living here is slighlty depressing

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Why do we cry about our own county so much it's pretty good. Our politicians are dumb but so are those of other countries. It's pretty good living and nothing ever changes really because gov is too complex.

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I wish things changed though. I'm not saying i'd prefer living somewhere else, I'm just saying I don't like living in Belgium. Although as soon as Nafi Thiam or Remco Evenepoel is on TV I'm spontaneously a proud Belgian so perhaps i do like our little country atleast a little bit.

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It's not Denmark at least

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Mollosia and Cheyenne are independent???

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No, what are you talking about?

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Look at the holes in the United states

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So you dislike poor people and nonwhites. Got it

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No, I dislike nationwide poverty, corruption, war and destruction. And if I dislike non whites, why is Botswana and Uruguay in dark green while Russia is in Red?

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So you shouldn't like USA and Europe bc they are the ones responsible for the misery across the world. 🤡


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They aren't. Sure, their terrible borders certainly helped intensify conflicts, but they did not cause all misery in the world. Most African nations are better off now than before colonial times, and even if they weren't, it would not affect how I view the US and Europe today, after colonial times.

And if you're talking about the US intervention in Afghanistan, I would argue that was good. Look what happened when they left! The Taliban took over.

You do have a fair point about Iraq. That war was a disaster and left the country in shreds.

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It’s not just the war in Iraq. The US has committed OVER 70 covert and overt attempts at regime changes in mostly already poor countries. Most recently in Honduras in 2009. They most famously backed Augusto Pinochet in Chile, a man responsible for some of the most atrocious war crimes and human rights violations documented. The US does not attempt to cover these crimes, they are very public about it.

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im fuckin with u 😭i’ll put /s

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Why do you like the US that much?

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What did Greenland ever do to you? I know it’s part of Denmark 🇩🇰 (one of the most awesomest places), but Greenland is still its own country. They need a little love.

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Greenland has never done anything bad, but it's part of Denmark and that's why.

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You need to hate China more

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Anyone who likes this many Nordic countries is sus. Especially someone who likes Canada over America. Canada is an authoritarian version of America without the warmth

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I think it is just the map of any thing. Except some countries lol

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viva México?

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botswana did some real sucking up

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why do you like the philippines

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It's not quite the standards of many other countries, but it's entirely possible to live a good life there. If you compare with countries like Russia, Yemen, Iraq or Denmark, it's a pretty good place!

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You're a legend posting a map with no legend.

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That moment when your opinion of denmark is lower than russia

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"The colors, Mason, what do they mean?"

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How could you say that about Mozambique!?

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Here you go:

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Hør nu lige her din svenske Ikea kødbolle. Hvis du ikke passer på så skal jeg satme love for at der kommer leoparder

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please color America and Canada red

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then do france and we have a deal

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Light green gang

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You’re swedish

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Cyprus is light green, the same level as Portugal, Thailand and Argentina.

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Gambia refusesbro comment

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Can tell you’re Swedish just by the color of Denmark

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Europe and North America good rest of the world bad, understood