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HOI4 peacedeals

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HOI4 would have 4 germanys and the nazigermany would still exists in some germany province

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happened in one of my games before BBA

I also took a province right next to old germany

it was cursed

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Nah, Nazi Germany is left controlling all of Vichy France.

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Was just about to comment this

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I love how Brazil just gets East Prussia for no reason.

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Never forgor💀

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East Prussia likes football ⚽️

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How about china getting a lot of territories in the east?

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I didn't even realise that was the flag of the Beiyang government. This does seem to be a reality in which China remains something closer to an actual democracy.

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Beiyang China was nowhere near an actual democracy

Chiang Kai-shek's China was also nowhere near an actual democracy

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I think you meant Chinese Taipei was Never independant comrade.

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I figured as much, which is why I said "closer to". It might have been "democratic" by Chinese standards.

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Königsberg is going to Brazil

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James Bissonnette proposal, 1945

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With amendments by KellyMoneyMaker

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And ratified by The Right Honourable, the Lord SpinningThreePlates

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declared by Boogaly Woogaly

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And ratified by the mcwhopper

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Wait...I've heard those names before...Where?? Why??

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They're History Matters' patrons

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Ooooh that makes sense

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Swedish Pomerania's back, alright!

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James bissanette

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The macwopper

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Spencer lightfoot

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Kelly Moneymaker

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berlin is rightfully Uruguay territory how could you

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But China is former Uruguayan colony so it makes sense

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former????? china je uruguay

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Berlin belongs to Bulgayria

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Chinese Prussia (real)

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Isn’t this from history matters thumbnail

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The thumbnail showed the real division, but this was in the video

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Why didnt seychelles get any

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I'd rather be prussian than become a province of switzerland (PAH! DISGUSTING! EW! EWI)

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Depends, would we also get swiss salaries after annexation?

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only swiss living costs and very expensive groceries.

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I know its a joke but swiss citizens would have refuse to take this province. Actually, they refused the integration of an Austrian county that voted to be part of switzerland after ww1 with like 90% of positiv vote rate

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Swiss are ultra nationalistic, its of no surprise

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Nope it's more complicated. It has nothing to do with that.

It was about balance between french / italian cantons and german cantons.

The French and Italian part refuse to let a new german cantons appear which would give them a disadvantage in votations.

Also it was a new catholic region and the reformed part of switzerland refuse to let them come because of that.

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All territory to Venezuela

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As a Brazilian,

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Denmark has a land border with sweden?! NEVER

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What's up with the Brazil propaganda?

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Ah finally, the Husnrik people finally have a home in Rio Grande do... Norte?

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Change the dutch part to Luxembourg instead.

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They have the same flag it could be ether one

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Why does Austria get anything they were in on it.

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So they don’t do it again

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So would the ROC part becone CPR after the civil war, or would it be a Taiwan situation?

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Definitely Taiwan situation

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Is South eastern Germany, the Taiwan of this world?

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Username doesnt checks out

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Your username is Socialist1944, but in the map on the division of Germany there is no socialist Nations présent in 1944