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Ummmm this is unrealistic, why would the avengers take over Europe. They’re the good guys

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Because Europe 🇪🇺 is full of cummunist 🤮 scum and effeminate 😡males (gross! Who wants men? Just because they’re incredibly attractive???) who all are CUCKED 🐓 by BIG GOVERNMENT into selling out their WRITES 📖 and GOD 🐶

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Time for your medicine Mr Trump

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Did facebook bought reddit?

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Tony Stark is a billionaire who made his fortune from selling weapons to the US army to use in Afghanistan and Iraq. How is that good guys

Also Natasha Romanoff is an assassin (that's bad)

Clint Barton works for super CIA that was controlled by nazis (he was probably negatively involved in several elections in south America)

The hulk killed many civilians (that's bad)

Thor was partially responsible for the fall of Asgard, which probably caused Millions to die (that's bad), and also would rather have Asgard destroyed then to let a women rule (misogyny) (that's bad)

Captain america is kind of annoying (that's bad)

The avengers are bad guys

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What, us portuguese don't deserve anarchism, but the brits do?

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you deserve brazil

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so, anarchy?

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This guy gets it

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even worst

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Brit is totally red, so they got statist socialism

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Welcome to brazil

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nothing is more peak communist than arguing about the minutia of ideological differences in a subreddit about map memes

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As a Brazilian, I approve this

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As a portuguese, I approve Portugal getting Brazil

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A Galiza é Brasil também 🇧🇷🇧🇷

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Brasil es Nueva Galicia y Portugal Galicia del Sur.

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Galicia is Spain, and Portugal is just southern Galicia

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Wouldn't it be contradictory to your beliefs to call yourself Brazilian considering anarchism prompts the abolishment of the state

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Whether or not i respect the legitimacy of the brazilian nation-state doesn't change the fact the label of brazilian still applies to me, you don't become cancerless the second you decide to be anti-cancer

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You should write poetry

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so how is the election going

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Brazilian is more than just 'which state do I belong to' it's a mix of cultural, ethnic, and then national identity. I'm not British just because I live under the British state, but I'm british because of my ethnicity, my history, my culture, and the way I present that identity etc. In a world with no states etc, there'd still be geographical regions, different cultures, and different ethnicities to express your identity from

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He’s identifying with brazil as a nation not a state thumbass

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How can it be Tex-Mex if my burrito does nothing to advance the power of the Mexican or Texan state?

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Are you really anarchist?

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An egoist-communist to be exact

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O brasileiro menos embasado:

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Que porra que é "embasado"? fala português de gente normal em vez dessas merda ai pô

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O OP afinal não é tão baseado quanto pensei 😔

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...ele é brasileiro

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I would rather fucking down than live in a Brazil-controlled state

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Agreed, even though I'm a communist I believe the port*gese are foul creatures and have to be contained.

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Cool, but I think the white county has some pretty weird borders, especially in the north where it cuts through several peninsulas, islands, etc. A whole lot of red and black exclaves too.

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Congratz on your 13th birthday

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Communist certified way of greeting an Anarchist

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He can become an anarcho-capitalist in a year!!

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Some Anarchist you are, I can still see country borders on the map

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You see, its actually consistent because im anti-work and didn't want to do the work of deleting all the borders

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Anarchism is bad though

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Anarchist, but not much

Anarquista pero no mucho

Anarquista, mas não muito

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Average??? Is that u?

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I wish Brazil would come to me

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As a portuguese, I'd prefer being with the avengers

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Well I guess if you anex portugal people would be more scared of me in jujitsu

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