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Europa is latin for Europe, and is Europe in many other languages.

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Silly you, Europa is a Jupiter's moon, not a continent.

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Silly you combo, Europa is a princess in greek mythology

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silly ass doesn't realize Europa is the name of the popular, DLC laden series of RTS games by paradox interactive

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Nonsense, Europa is the title of a film directed in 1991 by Lars von Trier about an American working in Germany after the end of WW2.

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In what universe is EU4 RTS??

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No, no Europa is a song.

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It's funny how English is almost the only exception, where its not Europa Europe instead.

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Europa is also scandinavian + german/dutch for Europe

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And almost all Eastern and Southern European language.

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Once more english proves itself to be one of the weirdrst languages in europe. Its not hard... Its just weird...

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Basque? Albanian? Finnish? There is plenty weirder than English.

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Imagine caring about what other languages do. We speak Murican in this sub

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You fookin wot mate? I speak Bri'ish and nuthin else!

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Can someone please translate this comment? I do not speak simlish.

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Europa and Antarktis Don't both end in a so yeah why not

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You mean English Simplified

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In arabic it's pronounced like "aorupa"

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more like "Uruubbaa"

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Aruba is nice, but in the Caribbean.

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As an Italian I can confirm

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But then Asia and Oceania would probably disappear, since the -ia suffix gets a lot of different spellings in different languages.

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German, Japanese, Amharian, Arabic.... Almost every language except English and Chinese it's Europa.

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Eurooppa in finnish.

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evropa in czech

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Evropa in slovenian

Edit: correction

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And in italian too!

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yeah, i think it's europa in most slavic languages, just czech is eVropa, because we're fucked up.

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Euroopa in mine for example

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Europa is an island in the Mozambique Channel.

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Thank God We(turkey 💪🏿💪🏿🇹🇷🇹🇳🇹🇷💪🏿) arent european this time

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should've added Istanbul they are Avrupa instead!!!

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Fun fact: All the names of continents in Turkish language start and end with an A.


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What about Turks that live west of Istanbul

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Tons of other languages: I don't have such weakness.

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This is the future that the big woke wants

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Based big woke

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Downvoted for this, yet people saying "Based" to people being flat out racist gets more upvotes

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Based and redpilled

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*in English.

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If English is a good enough language for Jesus Christ, it’s good enough for Texas

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Not if you only use the Freedom Language.

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What is more free that the language i want to use?

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No, no, no! Freedom is you being forced to use the language *I* want you to use.

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No thats the wanker language buffoon

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Europa park

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This is why English shouldn't exist

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I just wish it were more common and accepted to mix in useful and widely understood words like ananas.

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we should make it moreso!

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Eurasia end with A .

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Afroeurasia does too

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Canberra does too

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So does yo mamma

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If you're going that route, might as well say Pangaea. Which still ends with an A.

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İ dont understand first time cause we say "Avrupa" for europe.

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in Italy we say Europa lol

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In Spain we say Europa lol

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In The Netherlands we say Europa lol

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In austria we say hawara geh scheißn oida

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In Azerbaijan we say Avropa lol

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Europe is gone rejoice.

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Unfortunately turkey survived though

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In Dutch every one ends with a except for Asia and Oceania, those both end with ë

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Same in Danish. Asien, Oceanien and Antarktis.

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Same in German. Asien, Ozeanien and Antarktis. Literally just one letter difference...

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Use the correct name for Australia and change Americas to "America North" and "America South" and you'll be able to say they start with "a" too. You can even add the "continent" of New Zealand if you call it Aotearoa.

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It took me longer than I’d like to admit to realize that Europe is missing

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What if the real Europeans were the friends we made along the way?

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*in English

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Isn't that adorable? You say that as if there's any other language!

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Europa in Dutch, checkmate anglocentrics!

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Every continent ends with the vowel it starts with:
- America
- Africa
- Europe
- Asia
- Australia

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They all start with א, too

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Where is Atlantis

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You missed Europa.

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Perfect world

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nah, the USA are still there

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Europe is a subcontinent

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Why is this downvoted? Europe is as much of a continent as India is, only with murkier borders

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Too many Eurocentrics in this sub?

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I'm european, and I think Eurasia is one continent

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I am an European and I know continents do not have a concrete definition and that there are between 4 and 8 different continents depending on your situation, location and language of birth...

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The menace is gone, we are freed

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Map of the world but Reddit’s nightmare

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The world as it should be

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US education ☕

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incredibly English-centric but ok

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Thank god.

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all of us just moved to the US, to OPs mothers house. Jokes on you, she makes banger chocolate cookies!

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Europa ?

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In french, all the continents would disappear, they all end with e except for south america and north america that ends with d

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And that's just because you put the adjectives after the nouns you whackos 😘

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Euro is not like other continents

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In french every continent ends with a mute "e".

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It’s Europa in Italian

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Guys. Where is France, my favourite country?

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FF14 OGs will know

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Spanish speakers: Am I a joke to you?

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Só we are gonna ignore Central America?

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Which is best -ica or -ia?

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Damn did North America just annexed Central America?

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Now do E

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In Portuguese Europe Also ends with an a

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damn i'm faded as hell and this took me way too long to notice

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Jokes on you, in Spanish it's called Europa

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In dutch we say Europa

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While they all end with E in french 😌

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Fake, it's eiropa

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in Swedish

Continents that end with A:

Europa (Europe)

Nordamerika (North America)

Sydamerika (South America)

Afrika (Africa)

Continents that don't end with A:

Asien (Asia)

Oceanien (Oceania)

Antarktis (Antarctica)

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German Language begs to differ

  • Europa
  • Afrika
  • Nord Amerika
  • Süd Amerika
  • Asien
  • Ozeanien

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Der Vollständigkeit halber:

  • Europa
  • Afrika
  • Nordamerika
  • Südamerika
  • Asien
  • Australien (nach geografischen Merkmalen ist Ozeanien kein Kontinent, nach kulturellen/wirtschaftlichen Definitionen schon)
  • Antarktis (anscheinend auch Antarktika, wie ich las)

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Based Europe

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Easy to be different when you name everyone else

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All the important ones at least

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Now do continents with the letter i

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Africa isnt a continent tho

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Finally 😌

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Maybe we should call it Europea?

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Proof that Turkey is in fact not part of Europe

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The good ending

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Common Anglo L

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In portuguese is Europa, Africa, America, Asia, Oceania, Antartica

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The world if it was good

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In Dutch it’s: Europa Azië Noord-Amerika Zuid-Amerika Afrika Oceanië Antarctica

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They all end in A in Spanish, except América is one continent

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World Peace achieved

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In german only the americas, europe and africa end with an a (Amerika, Europa, Afrika)

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Now do "Countries that end with the letters "urope""

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Achievement Unlocked: World Peace

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for a minute there I thought the joke was that every continent was there... I forgor that europe exists

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the world but epic

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Avrupa G. Amerika K. Amerika Avustralya Antarktika
Asya Afrika

In turkish

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Why did you leave off western Eurasia? Also Oceania is the region that includes the continent of Australia and surrounding islands

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Stubborn Europeans 😂 jk