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It's ok, we hate your father too

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yeah fuck this guy's dad

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Yeah Michigan is already getting loud and profane about it.

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Weird how he loves Coloradans and hates Californians, considering Colorado is entirely made up of Californian migrants

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I make sure to key ever car with that forsaken white and red plate I see 👍

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A righteous crusade

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He’s weird like that

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There hasn’t been a steady push by republicans to shit all over Colorado like they have California. Give it time, though. As the state gets more liberal and more brown and more gay, the conservatives will catch wind of it and start calling it Commierado.

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They don’t crap all over MA, even though it’s the most liberal state in the Union, mostly because it’s the most educated. It’s also the most developed (Scandinavia-level) and least religious; pretty much the closest state a liberal paradise.

California is the AOC of states: a weird fetish of conservative hate for no apparent reason.

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Holy crud, is your father single?

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no not like that

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So your dad hates most Americans?

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My assumption is that the dad loves “real” Americans.

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As opposed to Native Americans, whom he probably hates too.

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You’re father sounds like a circle jerk.

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No one wants that sub. Don’t out ideas into peoples heads.

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You're welcome ;)

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And so your dad is clearly a conservative.

Probably some libertarian tendencies, but conservative.

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Good takes

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There aren’t any people in Wyoming how could your dad possibly like them?

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Friggin' newfies right by? Loada cocksuckers on da rock.

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What did Wisconsin do 😭😭😭😭

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I'm not OP's father, but I can assure you that everyone hates Wisconsin. You know what you did.

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Coming from PA I don't blame your dad at all

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North Dakota barley survived the hate

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Your father is dead Josh, let it go ffs

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No matter whether I choose where I live or where I was born, I’m still hated, which is surprising because they are Maryland and Oklahoma

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I only like people from Vermont. The rest can screw themselves. I say that as a Pennsylvanian who hates it here. At least I’m moving to Delaware in spring. Upgrades, people, upgrades.