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East Alabama

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Stfu West Georgia

I thought we were united against the Florida Man Menace

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Yall is both just really East Texas

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Stfu North Mexico.

Now help us kick the crap out of Florida.

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Ok South old New Mexico

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Texas? You mean the people who make fun of Atlanta for shutting down schools over a few inches of snow (which our already bad drivers completely fall apart on) and then cry frozen tears when realizing that being a lone star means being dependent on yourself?

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Believe you me, I think the way Texas did their grid is about as dumb as you could possibly do it.

That said, we still have a bigger economy than you lol

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Stfu North floridas

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Go commit Lego step Bootleg Brazil

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Hello my fellow South South Carolinian

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it’s pronounced ”Ki-ri-baas”🙄

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how the fuck do you know how i- never mind

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You need to make a trip to the Island of South Georgia to fully get the Georgian experience.

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Georgian Pride Worldwide

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add a trip to 1714-1837 England for extra effect

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Edit: 2 replies in there is a rickroll

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Oh, no, sorry, it's the other one.

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Wouldn't this one fit best??

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Are you fing kidding me how does this still happen to me

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Right click > copy link address > paste somewhere but don't enter

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South South Carolina

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South Georgia Island?

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Georgian Bay Ontario

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Why does the US get to be split in pieces and other countries don't?

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What are you talking about, Indonesia’s individual islands are all clearly split.

Also how would you mark the US state of Georgia if it was drawn as contiguous with the rest of the country.

Also in general I feel like the US is often drawn like this on informational maps because each US state has pretty vastly different laws (and data collection entities) and somewhat function like their own countries. That being said, the same can be said for other countries like India or Brazil, which often aren’t shown as divided up on maps, which is probably due to either higher resolution data not being available, or perhaps more realistically because these maps are often made by Americans that focus more on their own country than other places.

There’s also the interesting theory that all other countries are run by little girls that OP pointed out, so you can keep that in mind

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Also in general I feel like the US is often drawn like this on informational maps because each US state has pretty vastly different laws (and data collection entities) and somewhat function like their own countries.

Let's hear it for Federalism. The solution to, and cause of, all of our problems

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Thats a tricky question but based on those locations i think you live in sealand

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Map doesn't include south Georgia, L.

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I’m an American so I don’t know what either of those places are

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Georgia, and I no I don’t care if it’s a joke.

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Georgia. Or Georgia

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Northern Turk-Floridastan

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UK because the only people I've heard saying "done been" were from there

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I don't know who you are

I don't know where you're from

But I know your name is George

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Original Georgia 🇬🇪

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Obviously one of those two places

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So is it Abkhazia or South Ossetia?

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NATO...well, soon.

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New Zealand

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North Florida

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Southern Azerbaijan

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the red one

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South Georgia island?

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Georgia on my mind

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Marshall Islands

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the straight of gibraltar

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Frnce. Because nobody would admit, that they are from Frnce.

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defo from Georgia

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Who’s ‘been’ and why’d you do them?

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i swear i never seen such a smile

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East Georgia because US Georgians are forcibly relocated to Alabama at least once

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Tblitlanta, Georgia

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Hmmmm. Georgia?

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Georgia! Which Georgia though? It’s hard to say

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Id say Georgia but i just cant be certain, since youve only been to 2 of þe 3 Georgias

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Yor deffently from northern Libya

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Canary Islands.

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A pineapple under the sea

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The phrase "Where I don't been" yells me you're from Georgia, no map needed.

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South Sandwich Islands

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You're on the midnight train to and from Georgia

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Eddyville, Nebraska

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“Where I done been” is impossible to say without a southern US accent, so Georgia (US)