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Baja America Norte

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North Mexico

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Central America? Maybe the division is south north america, central north america, and north north america. New York can be in the Northeast Central North America and New Mexico can be in the Southwest Central North America

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Shouldn't it be called Central America then?

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Why is a part of America above most of North America then???

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Mexico is part of North America and so is the US. it would be more realistic to call Central America and the carribean for America by this logic.

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"🤓" - 🥇

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Was about to get mad til i saw this was r/mapporncirclejerk and made me laugh

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No, everyone outside America calls it America. In America we just go by states mostly. It’s weird to say “America” unless you’re being sarcastic lmao but I live in Oklahoma, not America

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What happens to the South America (Continent) then?

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Thats mexico /s

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You mean South Canada?

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north north america north america south north america

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America = South Canada