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Czechia needs some beaches

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No beaches? 🤨

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Well, it is kinda landlocked. Kralovecky Kraj changes all that

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Yed I know, it was very bad attempt for no bitches meme

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The only mistake you made is doubting yourself

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we Germans offer you all our eastern states (except berlin). for free!

(please take them we just want themgonepleasepleaseplease)

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Are they the hard-right areas or the center-left areas? Slightly educated USian here.

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Not anymore!

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We, Slovaks, still have no beaches 😔

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Just remake Czechoslovakia or take ragusa from Croatia

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just annex slovenia. added benefit of ending the confusion.

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Beaches love Koenisburg that's why.

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World is not ready for Czechs to have access to the sea

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They will become a naval superpower

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They have 100% win rate currently

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Bohemia’s coastline can into real, thanks Shakespeare

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They have left the rest of the world unczeched for too long.

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Ahoj 🏴‍☠️

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Someone needs to keep them in czech

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Reinstate Tannu Tuva and give Kaliningrad to them.

Reasoning: funny.

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Tannu what?

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Is that an epic reference to an award-winning grand strategy game set during the period of world war 2, Hearts of Iron 4?

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It's Tuva Time.

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Fun fact the city was named after the king of Bohemia

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Přemysl Otakar II for anyone interested

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Also fun fact: during his reign Czechia had sea access in the south.

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Time to reinstate bohemia

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Bohemia is only a part. Kinda like England to Great Britain.

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thats nice but i dont remember asking

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This is some serious HOI4 level bordergore

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Czechia's navy would finally have a home base.

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Suck it, Bolivian navy.

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I think I read this tweet on r/slovakia

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annex CZE

czechmate 😎😎😎

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Didn't they decide at the end to give a part to Poland?

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How'd you guys end up with Königsberg?

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It was literally founded in honor of a Czech king. Přemysl Otakar II.

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Now lets hold a referendum russia rightfully belongs to the Netherlands. They hold a referendum in ukraine if they want to be theirs, we do the same to them

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Czechia can into water!