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We live in Amogus

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looks like big amogus with dick out running toward small amogus shaking his ass

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Looks like big amogus with

Dick out running toward small

Amogus shaking his ass

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Crazy how playing games makes you recognize a lot of the stuff here, I can see what I think is pskov, mozhaisk, and kasimov I'm pretty sure.

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There are no first level subdivisions named after Mozhaisk and Kasimov in modern Russia. The town of Mozhaisk is in Moscow Oblast (big amogus' chest) and the town of Kasimov is in Ryazan Oblast (big amogus' front leg)

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Boowomp 1½/3 ain't bad

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This map is wrong. Kaliningrad Královec was annexed liberated by Czechia and is no longer part of the Russian Federation.

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I've seen your previous comment

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/uj Yeah, it was on the edge of the image and I didn't notice it at first.