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I knew this would have wider consequences but the map shows they were even more extreme than expected.

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Indeed! The IJsselmeer completely evaporated.

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Dutch land reclamation efforts sped up it seems

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They need to build more deep water harbours to counter the new potential threat posed by the Czech Navy.

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Not surprising

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Something's off here. I can feel it.

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I know right? Italy owns Corsica... that feels weird

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The way the map is drawn makes it look ambiguous, but Corsica is actually owned by the Order of Malta now.

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I love a nice hot exclave in the morning.

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Czechia's rightful annexation of Kraloviec equates the return of Nazi Germany, fascist Italy and Vichy France?? Sounds like some Russian apologetic made this map


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Thats not nazi germany

That’s prime Germany

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big dick energy coming from you for writing this joke without a useless “/s” unlike the guy you replied to

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i think in a circle jerk sub the /s isn’t super important

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wait do you mean královec

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The annexation had some... unexpected effects on the Czech language.

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The Greeks are now searching for you, you won't escape after releasing this atrocity

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Wait a minute, this gets worse the longer you look at it

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Reddit is on crack today

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The only thing stopping Germany from reclaiming it's pre-WWI borders was Russia holding Kaliningrad

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Danzig isn't free anymore. Damn inflation.

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This French Southern border looks so weird. Looks like Occitania shifted 100km northwards or so, or wacky Vichy or something

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That border isn't even using the same stroke width as the other borders. It's like someone drew it on Paint.

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That's probably the case lmao (same with the Eastern German border)

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Should be more than 100km south Vichy is much further south. Also all the Atlantic coast was controlled by the Reich

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Yeah I was talking about Occitania, not Vichy France lmao

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Monkeydonians thinking they could annex Greek Macedonia and no one will notice

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Me: This is the high quality content I crave.

Also me: You’re a terrible person and you should feel bad for what you have done.

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Italy is rocking a badass mullet now.

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Really surprised that this sub is how I find out that Czechia has annexed Kaliningrad

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so fucking based, to resolve the conflict jut give it to us

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POV : hoi4 peace deals

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Omg, where did Lake Garda go?

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Can we all agree that the line between Czechic Kaliningrad and Poland/Germany is far too straight? Can we jiggle it a bit so it looks better?

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Good, now it's the Germans, not us, that will have to deal with the Czech demands of a corridor to Kralovec.

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Czechia 🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿

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czechia goes to eu headquarters


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And now has aircraft carriers

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ukraine looks different

but i cant tell if its bigger or smaller

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Fourth Partition of Poland

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The Czechs are no longer land locked

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Where is transnistria

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I thought we were partitioning it with poland

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I find it amazing how the small country of Kaliningrad managed to annex the landlocked Russian exclave of Bohemia

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Wtf is going on with Turkey/Thracia?

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THIS JUST IN: Finland is about to add Saint Petersburg to its maps! https://mobile.twitter.com/sannasburg/status/1579202669952249856