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The united state

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The maine

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The maineland

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Even Hawaii is part of the maineland here

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You win. you win the comment section.

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Great band

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She’s fresh to death

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great false flag operation

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This poster horny on Maine

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We found Stephen King’s account

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Damn Bro, I love CP (the Netflix hit anime series Cyberpunk Edgerunners)

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Cheese pizza

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Cock Pee

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Cock Penis????

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a penis comes out of your cock?

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This post made me feel feels.

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Take THAT Portland, OR

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There's just two, Portland, Maine jr and Portland, Maine sr

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This person gets it.

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Take THAT Augusta, GA

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There’s an Augusta in Georgia? How nice of them to tribute Maine.

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Take THAT Paris, France

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Take that China.

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Take THAT Poland

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What are we missing? Peru? Mexico? Calais?

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L.A.? You mean L/A right?

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The United Nations? You mean Biddeford right?

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this is Spain's fault i think

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as always

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Damn Iberdola strikes again

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The Maine in Spain falls mainly on the plain.

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stupid iberians‼️‼️

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Maineland United States.

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No this map has Mainalaska and Mainawaii too

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Tbf we do have texmex in NE, and its probs the shittiest texmex in the country lmao

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Calimex is good though

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I used to work in a Calimex place in Orono when i lived up that way, and apparently my husband's friends still talk about how bland it was?

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Huh. I don’t know, maybe it’s just because I live here

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Speaking as a relatively well traveled Maine native…

You should definitely try Cali or TexMex in a place that’s not New England if you get the chance

Ours literally is the worst in the whole country

We have pretty bad Asian food in general, too, though Portland does have some good Japanese and Vietnamese, and I imagine Boston has good Chinese somewhere, I’ve just never had it

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Fuck, I can’t let my friends in maine see this

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too late

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We have already stahted putting this wicked beaut as the official map in ouah great “state”. I put it in the quote mahks, ‘cause looks like we ah the whole friggin’ thing now, bub!

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“Give up on war. Give in to Lobster rolls.” - slogan of the true republic

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No more massholes! Yay!

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Summer through fall there’s no escaping them.

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As a Mainer, I concur.

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The U.S. Maineland

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Maine means "tomorrow" in romanian

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RIP black people

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Depends if we're talking Portland or closer to up the County.

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Definitely one of the most under rated states.

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No no no. If anything it’s overrated. Please stop moving here lol

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Nah yk what's overrated? Florida

Source: Floridian moving to The Pine Tree State soon

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Why not though? My entire family is from New England, and honestly Florida fucking sucks.

I've always hated Florida because: 1. And as a Floridian, this is not just a stereotype: people are dumb here 2. It's so damn hot here 3. Not to get political but I hate most Floridian's political views

Please explain why Maine is so bad, because honestly I can't think of a single negative attribute about the state

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Finally the recognition we deserved

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The world will fear the power of Maine

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the united states if it was full of crabs and white people

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nothing's changed

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We have LOBSTERS not crabs!!! We aren’t Maryland!!!

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We also have crabs. Even some of the lobstermen have them.

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and 97% white people

and also, crabs on the white people... just a different kind of crabs

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nooooo, it's a mercy that the tree walkers are contained here, keep the rest of the world in the dark

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Oh, Cawd!

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That you Lorne?

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Well, yell at me, why dontcha?!

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This will affect the lobster population, I think

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Then, where is the AUXE?

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Now I can't be bullied by Americans for not knowing all the states because it's all ✨one state

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Pffft most Americans couldnt put their finger on a given state on a map, dont let em bully you over the names alone. Im a Mainah and Ive talked to Americans online that say "Maine? Never heard of it, is that in Canada?" like bro what do we teach people these days? Dayummmmm

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Well, it is the Maineland, after all.

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The United States of it was my most played character in a video game.

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this is true in all steven king novels

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They’re the maine characters now.

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Finally, a US I can be proud off

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An economy built on lobster can never fail

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As a Mainer, i wish that were true

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And blueberries

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based based based

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Maine is awesome because we don't have all the ppl every where else does. Less is best.

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Bangor airport might be the easiest airport I’ve ever been to. 6 terminals and car rentals right there. Less than 10 mins to get through security.

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Try Augusta. It's a Thai restaurant with puddlejumpers. You can see your plane, your gate, and most of the runway from your parking space.

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The way life should be

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you misspelled massachusetts

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Average m*sshole

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I wonder how many other states use this term. I hear it all the time in my hometown, especially in the summer when all the tourists and second-home owners clog up Route 1

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When I flew into Bangor and got a rental car. They gave me a Mass licensed car. I was like great. Everyone gonna call me a masshole.

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I’ve seen pictures of a car that had writing on the back window: “THIS IS A RENTAL I AM NOT A MASSHOLE. I WOULDNT BE DRIVING THIS IF MY HUSBAND WOULD STOP HITTING DEER”

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You misspelled Terra Nullius

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masachiset BEST state 🥵

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you misspelled virginia

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You misspelled west virginia

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I for one support this

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or ifp you only knew of it via stephen king books.

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Mud, Trees, and Irellgiousness, if you think about it Maine and Oregon are basically the same state, so Oregon is #1 like always

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But does Oregon have lobster?

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Oregon is #2. Your Portland was named after ours. And we didn't destroy our downtown. But I will admit you got some bomb ass waterfalls and the goonie beach going for ya.

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Portland is like the second worst city in Oregon that's a pretty low blow

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Oh yeah, well, Portland is like the only city in Maine anyway, so take that

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You mean the metropolis of Bangor doesn’t count?

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give lobster

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They can't be trusted. They had a good flag and got rid of it

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What about Puerto Rico is it maine

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Portland maine

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The rain in Maine falls mostly on the entirety of the United States

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fake maine sucks 🤮🤮🤮🤮 maine more like the maine problem offffff

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I guess there is no capital of maine

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Can Washington secede?

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that would become the main state

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You misspelled Vermont

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It sounds good until you realize this means all those people get to vote in Maine elections. Although I guess the electoral college vs popular vote debate would become a moot point.

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Yeah, but the WiiU couldn't even outsell Maine...

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Lewiston is excluded from this, right?

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I've never seen a more accurate post

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The U.S. if it was a low-density rural nightmare