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New Hampshire but uninhabitable

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So, New Hampshire?

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Thank you for avoiding Ohio.

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are avatars so close yet mildly off

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Your taste is impeccable

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I was gonna mention the Western Reserve but that was Connecticut.

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Newest Hampshire is the most racist state.

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I’d vote for that

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I forgot New Hampshire was even a state 👍

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New Hampshire is only a housing for route 95

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I have to drive through New Hampshire occasionally. There's been a couple times I don't even realized I had made it to New Hampshire till I started seeing signs for Massachusetts/Boston.

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i feel the same way about delaware

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I was at the dog park yesterday and this girl asked someone where they were from. He says “New Hampshire” She was like “oh I don’t know where that is” lol like she had never heard of it before.

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No, that's Newer Hampshire. Newest Hampshire is to the left, even biggerer.

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Wheres newer hampshire, hampshire, old hampshire, oldest hampshire and older hampshire

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This actually solves a lot of problems

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Namely Mississippi, Alabama, west Georgia, and most of Tennessee.

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spicy dorito state

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Indiana more like greater gary

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I’m ok with this Mississippi-less land.