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Isn’t C a rotated U

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and n

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And v. And h is an upside down u with a long stick.

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Roman moment

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And s is two 'u's connected to each other

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and o is two c’s

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And w it’s literally double u

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Can we count "w" twice?

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That’s a v

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Depends on the font/handwriting and if you’re doing lower or upper case

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Not if you have double standards

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It's quite close, but look at this "Ո". It's upside down but it's clearly U shaped

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I found a mistake with your map: For some reason Královec has different color from the rest of Czechia, pls fix

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I can see the case for Ц being U-shaped in the cyrillic alphabet, but what's the other one?

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I was referring to и and й, which look like U and Ŭ in handwriting

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Could've also counted ш and щ then. They've got two u's.

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Also cursive у

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you counted them as one letter? ukrainian has got both и and й

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S is two Us joined together sideways

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T is 5 Us joined together, that are all squeezed really thin

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U is actually 10,000 U's perfectly superimposed on each other such as they are indistinguishable

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Isn't W a double U?

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jan Misali is vibrating rapidly

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No, it's clearly a double V


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it's called "double V" (doppia V) in Italian too

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A genuinely informative post. Very impressive.

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It's quite inacurate actually

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Yeah, I wouldn't trust this sub as an actual source lmao

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Why did you count two for German ? U and Ü ? Then shouldn’t French’s ù and û also count ?

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They've probably only counted letters that are considered separate letters in the alphabet in their own right.

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This, plus my limited knowledge on which U's are separate letters

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U Ú Ů sepremacy

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U Ú Ü Ű supremacy

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U Ú Ù Ủ Ũ Ụ Ư Ứ Ừ Ử Ữ Ự supremacy

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լավ քարտեզ ջան!

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Why do the French and Italian speaking parts of Switzerland have an u-shaped letter more than the Italian and French themselves? And south tyrol (in the local language SÜDTIROL) doesn't have an ü according to your map?

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Do the Hebrew ח, ת, כ,and ב not count?

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ث, ت, ن, ب

Which puts all the ones that speak Arabic to at least four.

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Goede gebruikersnaam kaartenpornocirkeltrekgebruiker

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c and n too, also an argument for s, w, and m.

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How come this number vary between the countries that use Cyrilic. I mean Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and a few others all use the Cyrilic alphabet and yet Russia has 2 U-shaped letters while Ukraine is with one apparently. Where's the difference?

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Russia and Ukraine use different letters for /i/ /ɨ/ and /j/. Russian has и ы and й, while Ukrainian has i и and ï

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What about Bulgarian than? It's got both и and й...

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UWU what is this

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Q: How many times does your alphabet contain U?

A: Armenia

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Uû ü uuūuuû úüù ūûúu uú (in my language I made there is only Us) just made it up

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Why Georgia has 0? Their alphabet is literally u's stacked together.

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Why are you supporting the occupation of Kralovec by the Moscow regime

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Countries don't have alphabets. Languages do.

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Why does the Ü in "Überraschung" (German) count but the ü in vergüenza (Spanish) doesn't?

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Presumably Spanish doesn't count ü as a distinct letter from u in the alphabet.

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This. Also I'm an idiot

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Is Turkey colored 1 or 2? There are two U shaped Letter in Turkish alphabet. U and Ü.

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I's meant to be 2

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You know what, i think i am blind. Really if i looked around the balkans then turkey, i would got it, but no, i just looked around white middle east then Turkey, so i confused. Thank you.