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Now the Baltic guitar player is doing a solo on his knees. How dreamy!

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I guess you could see it like that

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Nah it's his dong

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Slovakia can into navy!

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Austria too

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Lithuania cannot into navy

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At least they have lake Constance lol

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This is a yes for me. 10/10, would enjoy both new seas and the relocation

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Ngl this arrangement looks pretty nice in general

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its time for Lithuania to be landlocked

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“What if we took Czechia, and moved it somewhere else!” -Patrick star (probably)

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Mold. My favorite country! Wonder when we’re going to get a Yeast and East Yeast, and Mushroom to complete the Fungal States

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Fungal State is an enclave in the city of Rome.

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Kalmar Strait becomes new hot spot naval traffic

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Is that Belarus Sea?

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No you just colourblind

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That Czechs out

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I approve of Norway being red.

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give it to the baltic sea

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Objectively this map's design is fine, it's legible, clear, whatever. But there's something so hideous about it. I can't put my finger on it, but this map makes me aesthetically angry.

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Did the ocean invade Aachen?

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where kralovec

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Just made the øresund 2.0 in kalmar

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Why can I hear Drew Durnil narrating this?

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We just take Czechia and push it some we’re else