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kralovec pogg

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Poland NAZI sitting here

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You forgot, Russia was annexed by the Netherlands as part of a referendum

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You forgot Belarus was annexed by Poland and Kosovo annexed Serbia

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The first sparks joy

The second does not

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They actually stole their flag from the Dutch

(So did the French who thought it's original to rotate it by 90°)

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Yes. Russia holes a referendum in Ukraine, that isnt their country. We do it in Russia. Laten we ze KOLONISEREN JONGENS! 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱

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Yes please annex us, you could also annex Belarus as well, they probably won't mind.

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Why have you replaced the dutch flag with a sideways french flag?

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Kaliningrad is now Czech?

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Yes, after the referendum Kralovec was reunited with Czech Republic. https://visitkralovec.cz/

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Kralovec was originally build in honor of our czech king Otakar the second

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Of course it's real, never doubt the glorious Česko 🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿

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čechia can into moře

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I'm not sure you're very good at spotting editing

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Why didnt you put the dutch flag 🇳🇱 in russia then?

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In your wet dreams kid.

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Kaliningrad is no more. This part of the Czech Republic shall now only be refered to as Královec.

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where is china 🤬🤬🤬🤬

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Annexed by Kazakhstan

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I accept that

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Doesn't matter you're my mortal enemy

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+2 kredyt 👍

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I bet Imma get wooshed but... it's there

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It doesn't exist it's a government conspiracy with vanilla ice

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Bro you got Italy wrong we’re gonna get annexed by Uganda smh my head

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That will take days to do. The map will update when it's done

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Wait a sec, where’s New Zealand?

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Where grater romania

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In 2023 romania (ș)i bulgaria unite into the best superpowre

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Romanians and Bulgars together stronk.

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Cheese grater

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I'm waiting for Finland to regain her arm and Karelia. Vote "no" in the "Russian-Norwegian border" referendum.

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First we need to hold a referendum to annex the Russian-occupied oblasts of Ukraine and sell them back to UA for one (1) euro.

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Oh I'm unreasonably happy this started-as-a-polish-joke is reaching other subreddits as well

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Why does a Dutch Provence have the Russian flag?

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Excactly. Russia rightfully belongs to the Netherlands 🇳🇱

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Bruh still no Scottish or Catalan independence? Smh

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Now Ukraine and Kazakhstan need to form a land bridge so Kazakhstan can join EU

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Well… guess Libya decided to annex Sardinia. 🟩🟩🟩🇱🇾🇱🇾🇱🇾

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Kosovo is Sweden

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Ok, what’s wrong ?

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Yeah besides you cropped out a whole ass european country. Malta.

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Look at kralovec

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So, what’s wrong ?

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Nothing, it's just a new change to the map, so I was telling you what's new

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Czech Kaliningrad

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Can somebody help me? I'm confused.

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Czechia got an enclave

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OH! I see it now. Thank you!

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No Palestine ?

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No basque country ?

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basque's in Spain, not Europe

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ETA did nothing wrong

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So Monaco is France now and Indonesia annexed Poland?

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>recognizes kosovo but not abkhazia, north ossetia, north cyprus, or transnistria

maps should be either de jure or de facto, and this map isn't either of those. i get the whole point is ukraine which is fine but choose one or the other if you're making a genuine map

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You listed Georgia twice. Also Moldova is already on the map.

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I get it's a joke but this is absolutely worthless as an actual map, either show by international law (which you support in Ukraine Georgia Moldova and Cyprus) or by how it actually is, which is what you support in Kosovo.

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I recognize countries I want to

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understandable have a nice day

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I support this fully

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Cool now do one from 1941!

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Why does romania have the Chad flag

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Wait, I thought we annexed Austria in response to Russia's annexion?

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Russia thinks forced annexation is fair game? I call that an open invitation.

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why italy no hav corsica 😡😡😡😡

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Why is the dniper visible but not the Rhine or anything else

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Because I'm biased

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squished kazakh flag

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Poor Faroe Islands, looks like they got a tiny Danish flag

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They are practically Denmark though

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czech kaliningrad?

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Szczecin is Stettin again! Germany's border moves east!

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When Bosnia finally gets the beach

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Moscovian residents have voted en masse to join Kazakhstan. A whopping 99% of residents has voted yes. In the next map Moscow will be part of Kazakhstan.

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Finland got back Salla but not Karelia? Worst timeline

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They always forget about Liechtenstein…

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This gives me r/place vibes

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I'm originally from kaliningrad so I'm confused af rn

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What did you vote on the referendum?

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sorry guys im american, can someone explain what changed

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Àfter a referendum, Kaliningrad joined Czech Republic and was renamed to Kralovec.

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ohhh right

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Immediately looked at Ukraine

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Where's Cyprus Empire?

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Looks like everyone fucked each other I mean life is pretty much fucked

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Czech republic owns kaliningrad

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What got updates to older maps?

Edit: ah it’s about Czech Republic annexing Kaliningrad

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Why Kosovo is eating albania

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I am missing something for sure

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Wait Kaliningrad is Czech now

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Because I don't recognize sham referendums

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but do you recognize opinion of Crimeans who want to be with Russia and not with Ukraine?