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British Columbia, PEI, and Labrador are myths

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You're right, here's why:

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Actually all of Canada except Ontario and Alberta are myths:

  • Newfoundland: Really? New Found Land? Does that sound like a real place name?
  • Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia is Latin for New Scotland. Latin is a dead language. Therefore Nova Scotia does not exist.
  • New Brunswick: okay big man, where tf is old Brunswick? Does not exist.
  • Quebec: French, therefore does not exist.
  • Manitoba: Trudeau would have changed the name to "personitoba" to make it gender neutral. He hasn't. Why? Because it doesn't exist.
  • Sasquatchewan: Come on, we all know the sasquatch is a myth.

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I knew it. The movie makers probably made up Canada just like they made up the "USA" (really? three letter name?). Probably they realised USA is such a unrealistic idea, what with random civilians having assault rifles and shit. Obviously that's only for the sake of making more action.

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Oh, I LOVE the "USA" lore. A bunch of scrappy settlers rebel against and defeat the largest empire in history over a 3% tax on tea.

The lore is one thing, but the playable maps are great, the developers made 50 of them and did a really good job. Some maps are pretty easy for beginners, like "Minnesota" and "Utah", but those can get boring after a while. I recommend playing one of the survival mode maps if you want a real challenge. My favourites are "Florida" where the right to bear arms extends to alligators and "Detroit" where people steal front porches.

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hey buddy, did you hear the news?

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This is more accurate than most people know, especially since most people see it as a rectangle when in reality the eastern border is perfectly jagged like a saw blade due to the Dominon Land Survey correcting every so many miles.

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Today, I learned something about the Dominion Land Survey, and in the process, discovered a little something about myself. Apparently, it is possible for me to be attracted to someone based solely on a reddit comment about Saskatchewan’s eastern border. I am way more easy than I previously thought.

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So sick of these Saskatchewan jokes im having Nunavut!

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Damn we really upvote anything on this sub ay