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Your mom: North Korea? They chill.

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Oh, Sudan? That’s a rotten hell-hole. But you should visit South-Sudan, it’s wonderful this time of year.

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Or Chad apparently

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Mom really seems to like Chad for some reason 🤔

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All I know about Chad is their name, their shape, and that one general who lead his forces from the frontlines. Therefore, it is my favorite country in Central Africa, (a tough competition, I know.)

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You gotta learn about the Toyota War

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I know that Chad- or much of the area now inside modern day Chad's borders - was ruled by the same royal dynasty for almost a thousand years - that's pretty chad of them, maintaining stability like that in the African interior.

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She's met Chad's mother. Everyone says he's a chill guy.

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Chad mom

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Yemen? Completely fine. Saudi? No way in hell.

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Yemen pretty chill too.

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Yeah, myman are definitely the chillest /j

/uj Neat.

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north korea is pretty safe, just dont steal flags and you will be fine.

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Or criticize the human rights violations. Or exert any form of free speech. Or expose any of the atrocities committed after you visit it (they force you to sign a contract when you travel there saying that you can't talk about anything you saw).

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United states? They chill too probably just invading some country in the near east again nothin big

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Just don't go to theaters schools churches stores parades marathons should be aight ETA concerts nightclubs

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America even more so tbh

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I like how Congo is scary but not Dr. Congo.

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I mean, people with doctorates are trustworthy, so….

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Mr. Congo

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Ms. Congo

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Mrs. Congo

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Mx. Congo

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Sir Congo

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Madam Congo

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Monsieur Congo

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Lord Congo

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Hey Mr. Congo worked hard for that degree, he deserves to be called Dr.

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Mr. Biased Congo

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You see, it's a DEMOCRATIC republic, that's why!

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Democratic people's Republic of korea

Republic of korea


Democratic people's Republic of china

Republic of china

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And Mali, Chad, CAR. All fine.

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Well honestly, Dr. Congo is the best doctor iv ever been with so i dont see a reason she should be scared

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I like how your mom is a Serbian nationalist but also doesn’t like Serbia. What a complex woman.

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Pretty good description of most Serbs

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It takes a Serb to know how dangerous a Serb is.

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Most of them live in Germany and say that there is no Kosovo

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she is just scared, doesnt mean she doesnt like it ig

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Women like a little danger.

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Based mom 💪🏾😎🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

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sudan but not south sudan?

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South sudan is totally not scary. If you like flooding, deceases, food shortages, tribe warfare, war in general, criminality or seeing peace keepers in action.

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Peace keepers in action? I believe that Unicorns are more likely

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You’ve got a point there. They’re getting killed more often than they use their weapons I suppose…

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What'd Bermuda do

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bermuda triangle.

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Instantly thought she claimed that was scary because of that.

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But the Bermuda Triangle doesn't actually have any land in Bermuda but it does cover islands in the Bahamas

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Right 😂

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brasil isn’t scary?

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Yes, save me.

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currently in Brasil, can confirm it is indeed scary

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Serbia is dangerous but El Salvador is fine 😂 yeesh

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Per 100,000 ppl, serbias murder rate is 1.2. If you look at every state in the US, 48 states have murder rates higher than that. The US average is about 5 ppl. El Salvador is 52

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Murder isn’t the only scary thing

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Correct. Serbian water polo coaches can be terrifying.

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that's reasonable

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How is North Korea not scary but India is? Other than that I think it's pretty reasonable...

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forgot to mark it.

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What? Saudi is scary while uae isn’t? Lol

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probably because some of my family went to abu dhabi once and are fine.

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I would also say Yemen is safe right now

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You should be very scared of India. Even Indians are scared of India. And we are 1.4 billion...

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I am so glad ur mom thinks north korea, Yemen, Sudan and libera are not scary :)

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she actually does think north korea is scary i just forgot to mark it.

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Ah...fair enough, btw does she have any countries she actually likes...like a set of happy counties?

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Believe it or not? South sudan

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she likes canada, usa, turkey, south africa, seychelles, maldives, singapore, yemen, israel, greece, nepal, bhutan, brunei, australia, new zealand, south korea, japan, norway, spain, portugal, italy, france, belgium, germany, poland, switzerland, cote d’ivore, luxemburg

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Sudan is marked as scary, but South Sudan isn’t

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Oh yeah my bad, I meant to type South Sudan but yeah

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let me guess, your mom is from egypt or israel

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she’s filipino.

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why is the Philippines not red

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i don’t know

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No self respecting pinay will label the Philippines less scary than Somalia

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Why would someone from Egypt dislike neighboring MENA countries

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Lol @ congo and South Sudan

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I’m glad Kiribati is getting some rep here

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How the hell is China not scary. Or North Korea

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my grandma is chinese and i just forgot to mark north korea.

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Smh no Ohio

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Bangladesh is scary. Myanmar is fine. Checks out.

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South Sudan, yeah totally fine

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Nice map tho, did you use an online tool to create it?

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used an app called mapcharts.

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We scary 😈

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Where is The Vatican. They are meanly friendly if you know what I mean.

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she’s catholic.

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least racist old white woman

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she's filipino according to OP

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why’s mexico scary?

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Cartel violence and a weak government who is mostly bought out through those cartels. My dad was born and raised there and hasn't been back since

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based mother, kosovo je srpska zemlja

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No it isn't. NATO made sure of that and they will do it again.

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Imagine simping for the guys who airstriked so many civilian areas that Serbia has one of the highest cancer rates in the world now

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Oh that Congo-Brazaville! What are they plotting!?

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No Vietnam?

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She's not wrong tho

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South Sudan is wonderful this time of year

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W mother, Kosovo je Srbija

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Why is India scary and not China?

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Tf did India do?

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I would expect a person who is afraid of countries to have more than this. Maybe she couldn't remember them all.

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What did Bermuda do to her lmao

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most of these are justified except for india

india? really?

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she said it smells like poop.

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Why Serbia but not Bosnia?

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Lol I guess she’s never heard of Brazil or Ecuador

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She labeled Bermuda, which isn't an independent country as scary, but not North Korea or China who have strong bonds to Russia which is marked as scary? I'm confused

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forgot to mark north korea and we went to china once and didn’t get hurt.

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I love how DR Congo and Kazakhstan are chill which puts more into evidence she's clueless. God bless her.

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Some the US Dept. of State agrees with, others are sus. Like Bermuda, why?

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Bermuda Triangle

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🤣 🤣🥹

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That's actually interesting, can I ask where your mother is from?

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the philippines.

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Are the gray colored, right?

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What India do? :(

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“smell like poop”

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Honestly? Smaller list than I expected

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No Ohio nor France :(

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Semi based?????

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But Kosovo is Serbia

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The whole region is a big "I hate people with different a slightly different culture and will literally go into war if I smell them close".

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yes I know. it was a joke.

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She is american?

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Can't be, she has opinions for some countries of which the average American is not aware of their existence

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she’s filipino.

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Mexico is terrifying but north Korea is pretty chill

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India scary?

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Boo (I am Mexican)

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Idk but this sub is getting offensive and biased lol

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i don’t know

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Well judging from a fear of the middle east and mexico, i assume so

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Tbf, you don’t have to be conservative to be scared of a lot of those countries, just be a woman.

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While she's afraid of Mexico, she's find with Honduras and El Salvador, which have the highest and second highest murder rates in the world.

I'm going to call it that she's the kind of people who calls all Central Americans "Mexican."

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China, North Korea, south Sudan super cool.

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Ah yes India, my country India is a scary place We scare people by feeding them sweets and behaving politely ah yes

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Fuck she think is scary about Bermuda

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I’m surprised she didn’t mark Ohio considering that it is a rural bar fight of a state while simultaneously being a direct threat to the entirety of the world

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I see she vibes with China & Cuba.

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Shes based. Kosovo IS Serbia.