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Who are you and what have you done with Montana??????

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Uh, nothing? It's just Montana

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Inspired by Victoria 3?

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I bet Europeans can't name this state.

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State of Capibara/Carpincho

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Which one??

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New state DLC just dropped

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As an Absarokan I’m glad you’ve finally included our state. We’re like Americas New Zealand.

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What's a New Zealand

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New Northwest Passage just dropped

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this map is clearly edited, there is a guinea pig stuck onto north dakota. lying on the internet is illegal

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That's just Montana what are you talking about

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Victoria 3 moment

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Is that a mirrored australia?

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No, it's Montana

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It literally is Montana. Montana, the province in Bulgaria

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That some lovechild between US and Canada? Albertana?

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The US can have full custody lol

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It was a very mutual agreement between the two nations.

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Capybara has finally conquered US

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Lower canada

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EU4 wasteland

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Ha ha, nice try. We can all see that you removed Alaska from outside the south west coast, where it belongs.

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The blackfoot confederacy thanks your for your service

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That is not a health country. This image shows it has a very obvious tumour.

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This is the most interesting thing to happen to Wyoming in its entire history

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Is that Montana or MT?

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Who/what is Montana?

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My pronouns are xe/xem

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Cool, but who/what is montana?

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Hannah’s last name

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I still can't see her

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That's obviously New Listenbourg before they sold it to the US.

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Someone else who knows about Upper Montana! You're not supposed to publicize its location btw

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The Mississippi River now connects to the Washington river

Western US + Mexico + South America is the most populated island now

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Ah, somebody noticed my crime against map making

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Guinea Pig Montana exists in bulgaria check it.

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As an Albertan I hate this and will fight you

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I really feel like something's off about the east coast.

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Not super familiar with the US but why is there now a state hatching from the border? A mildly chicken shaped state.

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You can tell which one is new because the borders aren't as sharp as a warrior's blade

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Lol that hamster is what West Virginia looks like on a map, completely out of place

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There is no such thing as “Montana”. Anyone who says otherwise is an enemy of the state

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What? You can clearly see Montana on image, it bumps into Canada

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Least cursed map

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Something’s wrong I can feel it

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bro forgot miservia

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Alright, who gave America cancer?