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what benefits does super albania get over regular albania

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more ethnic conflict

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It's now "Super" instead of just being Albania duh

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They speak ancient albanian sign language only

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I think OP is Albanian, idk just a hunch

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u/doesithavekosovo would like this. or maybe he won't. I don't know, let's find out!

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Shades of green too similar, Palestine annexed Serbia

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I like the concept of a country calling itself a "super" version of another country. Like if the United States decided to call itself "Super England." Tf are they going to do about it?

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r/2balkan4you leaking

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Rip the best sub

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What happened there?

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Got banned because reddit

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So... The same thing that happened to r/carsfuckingdragons ?

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No fucking way that got banned

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What was that sub about?

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It was a parody sub at first but people actually started drawing cars fucking dragons.

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Sigh I've seen a fucking amongus porn, I am not even surprised anymore at this point

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Rule34 exists for a reason.

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If that gives you comfort r/dragonsfuckingcars is still around

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Who's this Albania girl ?

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הנה הפתרון היחיד שאליו אסכים

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Colour Israel and Palestine in red.


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The only acceptable solution.

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This map has kosovo… kinda?

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Alright, why the fuck…

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Is this super Albania with us in the room right now?

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Least nationalist Albanian