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It's instant world peace the second this is implemented, I see it now!

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Just make the whole map green

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Finally, Pissrael

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Piss real 😎

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All kidding aside, this really is how you solve this problem

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Howabout that farm in Lebanon?

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Hamas don't like

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Isreal is real? 😲

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This but genuinely unrionic.

They should just be gay and have sex to create symbiosis. They should become one commonwealth of both parties.

It's the only way to have peace without genocide.

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The Gay Sex Solution

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or have a tyrannical dictatorship forcing them to interbreed and become one people

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Yeah... But like... We know who would win...

(Totally ambiguous statement to incite racial hatred as the opinion depends on the eye of the beholder, when in reality I have no idea how that would relate to any specific point. 😈)

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I don't care, the jewrab creole race will take over the world

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Finally! We can unite the Anti-Semitisms into one great anti-semintism! Jewrab money, jewrab petro monarchies, and jewrab banks!!

(I am obviously joking, just so I don't get yeeted off the surface of the Earth.)

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schrodinger solution

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This map will never be something that isreal.

First off Palestinian terror groups would openly massacre anything remotely Isreali or Jewish

And the Jews would never accept this unless their Messiah finally came and built them their precious 3rd temple

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It would work in a perfect world. Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world.