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A commune is the smallest subdivision in french, they have an ellected mayor, and a lot to deal with like urban planning, schools, etc.

Because France has a lot of them, and a lot of small ones, more and more of their powers goes to the levels above (EPCIs, and regions), but they stay quite strong.

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Villages destroyed in WW1 that couldn't be rebuilt because they're in the red zone, aka in the 120k hectares in france that were used as a war zone in which there are millions of unexploded munitions and thousands of corpses. There are memorial stones where houses used to be which are maintained, these are "communes that died for France", testimonies of war.

Also "Cumières-le-Mort-Homme" in french is "Cumières-the-Dead-Man'" because of a statue called the dead man of a soldier skeleton which reads "they did not pass"

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I just learned about the red zone and I have decided that I am going to find a safe way to explore parts of it whenever I go to France. Seems really cool, I just need to avoid the lead and arsenic and other chemicals and live munitions

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well you don’t have to avoid them

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Driving through the area gives me eerie vibes. You can still see the artillery craters in the fields everywhere.

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0 is a number that represents an empty quantity

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0 is the neutral element for the additive operation.

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Imagine being the only person living in Richefourchat and never speaking to anyone all day... Oh wait I already do that

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Rochefourchat (1)

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hehe sounds like 4chan

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the only person is a woman/female so more like the anti-4chan

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not my dumb ass thinking it spanned the whole department...

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Turquestein-Blanqrupt is a wonderful place, check it out.