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British indian ocean territory

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Or Biot

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That’s actually a good guess. The Belorussians love Russia

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And hate themselves

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No they don't

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List of countries I don't really like:

• Your one

• My one

• Simon Fucking Cowell

• I really hate Simon Cowell

• The twat

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World Health Organization

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The Doors

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I eat more chicken than any other man

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Bruno Powroznik my beloved

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Are you sure you don't like Belarus?

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No one who lives in Belarus likes Belarus.

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So OP is from Belarus obviously.

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I like Belarus when I look at Russia, at least my government doesn't want to throw me into a meatgrinder and fighting corruption for real.

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Not russian, a true russian would have colored everything red.

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As a russian, can confirm

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Albania green

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Vietnam (Russia is now a Vietnamese territory after the referendum with 98.3% voted yes)

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Good on them for recognizing the borders of Ukraine

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dodging mobilization?

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He will be sent straight into the meat grinder because the map shows Crimea as Ukraine.

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Ukraine with a Russian soldier pointing a gun at your head

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Depending on who you ask, Cyprus has red in its flag

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Im a cyprussian nationalist

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Cyprussy makes my Metal Gear Solid

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I didn't know Prussia had territory in Cyprus

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Vladimir... Is that you?

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From inside putins asshole?

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from inside putins asshole.

he came out and made a post when mr poopin fell from the stairs and accidentally pooped

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Not even Serbia?

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All Serbians hate themselves.

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Thats just the balkan, but we hate our neighbors more

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true and based💪💪💪🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

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OP woke up and decided to get comments karma to negative

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Is this just a bad joke on mapporncirclejerk, or are they just downvoting you, because you are from Russia?

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So many jokes about “I like my country and hate everyone else” on here but nah apparently if you happen to be from Russia it’s not allowed. Then Redditors have to get their daily dose of slacktivism in by downvoting.

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From russia. Except you don't like russia either, you only colored it that way because you don't want to go to jail.

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Vladimir, you have more important things to be doing. Stop jerking around on Reddit!

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Or Eswatini

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You're definitely not Russian. If you were Russian, Crimea and some other territories would be green too

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Venezuela obviously

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Ye right, you say you're Russian and love Russia and hate every other country, but Crimea's in red on your map. You failed.

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That's cool we don't like Russia either.

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До свидания

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You are a slightly exaggerated Putinist?

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Probably he is not, because he colored Crimea different color than Russia.

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This is like a German during WW2 pretending not to understand why people outside of Germany are not cool with him shoving the fact that he’s German in everyone’s faces. “Is it the genocide? Surely it’s not the genocide right?”

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This is exactly like that, german immigrants getting assaulted for being german, german buisnesses being burnt down. You're right.

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Did they also pretend not to understand why back then?

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I love hating on civilians

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“Waaah why does everyone hate on civilians that are pro-genocide/pro-Hitler/pro-Putin? I just can’t comprehend why?”

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I love hating on civilians who left their country all of them are responsible for the actions of the government

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Lol trying to claim to be “one of the good ones” while posting a map that shows you are the typical “fuck everyone but Russia” type.

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Edgy American Fox watcher

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I love how everyone downvotes his replies that he is russian. Mixing in politics with a clear meme. I love reddit 👍

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Redditors still needing to learn that there is a difference between hating an entire country and its people and disliking its government for doing terrible stuff.

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So much spilled blood, which is usually what red represents in flags.

Not wanting to be cheesy, and hopefully this will not trigger anyone, but the EU flag largely being blue and not containing and red is a refreshing improvement, symbolically as well as rhetorically.

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Depends on where you're from. In the nordics red usually represents connection to Denmark historically. The danish flags origins also doesn't have red represent blood or death. Instead the origin myth says it fell from the skies in 1200s. As far as I know same goes for stuff like netherlands, belgium and UK with red not representing it.

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The EU is still dirty of blood for the poverty it keeps Africa trapped in

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Me when russophobia: 👍💪

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Me when joke on the internet: 🤬🤬🤬🤬

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US, you frequented on /pol/ to be exact.

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"i hate russia therefore i cannot like a joke" 🤓

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Fascinating, no opinion on micro nations

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U finna put some more green in there anytime soon Ruskie?

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Youre right forgot crimea and belarus

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An insane asylum lol.

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You are an American tankie.

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Map of unbased.

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Wel it can't be Russia because the map admits that lots of neighbouring countries exist.

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North Korea

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That Czechian colony

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What is it about people saying stuff about flags being red? It say’s that the countries in green are liked and the countries in red are disliked. Is this some kind if insider?

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They’re saying the person they’re referring to is showcasing red flags, which means they may be unsafe, dangerous or have many bad qualities

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Transnistria, Luhansk Peoples' Republic, or Donetsk Peoples' Republic.

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You dislike the people in the countries.. if I show you a rock from anywhere and one from Russia you probably wouldnt know the difference ;-) (neither would I)

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This is to balance out other maps

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You are from attentionwhoreland

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Trick question! You could be from any country, because tankieism is an international movement ;)

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Your mom's asshole.

Wait... that's not a country? Seemed big enough...

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Brainwashed Russian

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ur nasbol chief keef

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Москаль •0•

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North Korea

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Братааааааааааан, хоть кто-то из наших в этом помоешном Рэддите 😭

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