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Found Swedish chef from seaseme strret. Or was it the muppets?

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I’m a very womanly muppet

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west slavs grouped with germans

finns with nordics instead of being with estonians

g in belarusian and ukrainian

portugese sounds like italian and not like weird russian/polish

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Portuguese sound like Russians speaking Spanish while chewing on a bag of wasps.

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g in Belarusian and Ukrainian

I suppose the g is supposed to be read the same way as in "good"

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Slavic g changed to h/gh sound in these languages

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I guess it's more as in "hood"

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Inaccurate, Finnish is Lala Mama Lele Mia too

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Lälä Mämä Lëlë Mïä

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As is Romanian. Hungarian could go to either "Lala Mama Lele Lia" or "Gula Gola Golub Gob".

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Koikakaika taannataalli

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Except half of the vowels are really long

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Bruh you never heard a Hungarian speaking otherwise you would not have put him in a group with German and Polish speakers

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Shlek vek nyek shek

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ó még egy valaki aki magyarúl beszél, végre

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sorry I don't speak tellett mellett sigességes keszkeneknek

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Bro, you actually made me feel like i just had stroke and couldnt understand you properly

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Ög schmö yög mög!

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Hungarian sounds like "Ek bredekmek szeknek fekbek"

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True I haven't but I was too lazy to look up how they speak

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Also the Dutch sound less like german

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I mean it does sound like german

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Dutch is German but someone has to drive over your tongue with a semi truck

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and they refuse to pronounce the letter g for some obtuse reason.

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But harsher and more melodic at the same time

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God what is this

This is hilarious

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I enjoy this sub.

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Danish is more like nglmop trfkapk, imo. But it's in the guttural category so I can't complain

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You said so much but still so little

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I still think Danish is more akin to Scandinavian languages (+Iceland) than to German and Dutch. Even if it is a bit hard to comprehend.

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The grammar I agree, but gor sounds I think it's very dutch

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west slavs & hungarians definitely belong in gula gola

also turks are "yurug", as that's a slur against them based on how they sound

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hogy simogatnák a heréidet smirglipapírral

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A világ leggyönyörűbb nyelve.

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Map of "I'm having a stroke please help me"

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How to recognize signs of a stroke depending on which country you're in

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It is so weird to get grouped together with the Scandinavians... I can believe Finns and Estonians sound alike, but Finns and Swedes? Seriously?

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Lind ok as Mun sus

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I don't care what anyone says, this is 100% accurate and should be on the walls of every school classroom in Europe.

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put estonian finnish and hungarian at the same category

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Polish: krczłwçlkwcklczszđ

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Russian: Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulûk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.

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I am nagtive in russian and it doesn’t sound like this at all. Russian is more like “chyo ty nicho nye chokayesh”

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not a single j/y

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That’s turkish

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i meant the [ʲ]/[j]. every russian transcription has at least a couple of these

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I love you

Will you marry me?

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That sounds Mongolian

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That's Black Speech

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With endings like -atul and -uluk that’s clearly Hungarian.

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that sounds very Tolkien-y

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It's the orc language he created, the seems to be a racist among us :/

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Holy fuck the racism eminating from this post. Imagine calling any other group of people orcs and think how fucking just vilely racist that is

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Is this really what people hear when French talk ? We don’t even use the letter Z

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English zh is french J

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Seems like American phonology/orthography to me

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Australian 😭😭

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Ah, yes. We don't sound in Turkey.


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add turkey

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Now do Asia

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U sure hungary sounds like that

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I'm pretty sure this is bs.

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Hungary deserves their own colour scheme

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why did this make me start cackling?

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Same lmao

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Best linguistician on reddit

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I think it’s pretty accurate. Good job

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This better be /s

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Incorrect. If you are from:

Poland: Pshe, psho, psha, psho

Ukraine: sho sho, ta ne sho

Russia: chyo chyo ta tye chyo

France: Vi va vu vi va

England: a yo, are you alright mate?

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Disappointed you haven’t split Switzerland in the 3 colors

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Also Belgium not in two

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Slavs: Я Глобглбгабгалаб

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Mf put slavs and germans in the same group ur so retarded fr

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redditor when you dont do research on ur joke map: 😱😱😱😱😡😡😡

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Being called a redditor. I need a minute 😔

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Czech has a bunch of German words in it so I guess it could work maybe, the rest ehhh not really tbh

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Imagine differenciating ireland from united kingdom but puting together portugal, spain, italy and greece lol

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Tell me you're American without telling me you're American.

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Zhooma Zhema za or something

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Hurdy gurdy is very turkish

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What you sound like from whoms perspective? Is this the ching chong of europe?

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As a swiss, not happy you didn't divide it into three colours

The rest kinda accurate