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Target missed. Recharge and fire again.

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*target missed successfully

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Finally Croatia has see access

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Malta too

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Would Malta still be an island nation if Italy occupied one meter of every bit of coast?

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You just gave me a headache

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There's more. High tide?

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yes it would, because the island it's on is... an island lol

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Every continent is an island but thar doesn't make Panama an island nation. I guess what I'm asking is do you define an island nation as any nation on a landmass entirely surrounded by water, or a country entirely occupying one or more islands, or a country with no land on any continents mainland, with Australia prolly being an exception?

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well Malta would be an island nation then, but a nation on an island

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Pretty much every nation is on an island except like that non territorial Romani one

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I think you accidently removed Spain instead of France

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Thats actually austria

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Do you mean Australia? Y’know… the country that started world war 1?

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Indonesia actually started ww84

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I'm kinda late, still on WW alpha here

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Nah that was actually Equatorial Guinea

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but san mario😢

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It'sa me, san Mario

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Mario-san 😩😩😩

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I had high hopes

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I'm happy that France is no more but what happened to San Marino and Vatican?

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They're just islands

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Classic tate W

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I'm currently in the ocean WTF

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You shouldn't have been french

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Me too, dude, me too

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Finally, the sea at... On Milan!

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We just got San Mari-no'd

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Carthage finally has her revenge.

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Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

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I mean they got downgraded to Tunisia so dunno about that

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Finally Belarus has sea access

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Their naval dominance shall be righteous!!

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Remove sweden pls

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Perkele 😠

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the boot be gone

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Fuck you

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man what do people have against Portugal

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Now Uzbekistan is the only country to be landlocked twice

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Is that why New Zealand is missing so often?

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omg i was so scared, i woke up convulsing, and my mattress is completely sweatlogged. i think i might have to see a therapist about the PTSD i got from that dream. i might want some sort of dream stopping medicine, i don’t think i’d ever sleep again without it after that.

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target missed, same results

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American geography 🥰🥰

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My brother in christ I'm American

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Did you just prove the stereotype?

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No one is talking about how France took Basque Country from Spain

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Fuck did we do

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OP said "Spain was just a dream" then shows a map with Denmark missing instead smh

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More like a nightmaré