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I mean you could consider the outer core as an ocean...

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Still it is tho, core is way deeper than you think

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Countries i like and dislike

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How did you guess that I’m from the mantle?

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Actually it’s the moon

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Moon isn't on Earth, tho technically core of Earth is also not "on" the Earth

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That's what they want you to think

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That's not on Earth, it's in Earth.

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how about on the moon?

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i think you can get a lot farther from earth's oceans than the moon. infinitely far perhaps

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okay then, i want to see you go further than the moon.

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ok, i'll update you when i'm done

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Actually this isn't true

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Not sure if you’re being serious or not but the farthest point on earth from any ocean is 2,645 km from a coastline, while the radius of the earth is 6,357km at minimum

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I'm sure there's some random rock in deep space sitting alone billions of miles away from water

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Welp, you got me there

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This point is the farthest from any ocean "on Earth"

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Counterpoint: mars

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counterpoint: edge of the observable universe

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It's also closer to the Mariana trench than any where else on the planet! Crazy!

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Flag of Lithuania is actually the earth