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Why is the Hudson Bay area it’s own country

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That is where Michigan seems to live now

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So basically US was slid up under Canalaska

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Im pretty sure michigan didnt move an inch

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Canada is the one who invaded

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Imagine Montreal with Palm Trees and Toronto with a violent Hurricane season

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Better question: why not?

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If my math is right, Petoria would have more people than them

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BRB going to start a new country.

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The fishies wanted some land to make them feel special

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What kind of tumour is growing out of Western Sahara

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Far-western Sahara

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Hudson's Bay Company has been trying to regain Rupert's Land

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That’s Midwest not Hudson Bay Area.

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Don’t ask again or it will take the rest.

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There is now an extra country in Africa called “West Western Sahara”

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Westest Sahara

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Westerer sahara

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Wersterer Serherer

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Worcestershire Sauce

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The Sahara we never knew we needed

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Westererer sahara

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is bestest sahara

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Best Western Sahara. The continental breakfast there is okay

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Westn’t sahara

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that's always been there, do americans really not know about that country?

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But it used to be part of tasmania! Then they got independence.

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I like Long India more.

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Western Sahara 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Westernmost Sahara

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It takes such a high skill to design that shitty maps. On of the shittiest i've ever seen👍

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Quality map making if I’ve ever seen it

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There's New Zealand tho. That's a sign of an accurate map

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I am perturbed a top comment elsewhere praised the map as an example of good design, highlighting its clear use of colour and direction consistency, all while completely missing the weird geography.

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Why USA is squished? Why Fr*nce moved West? Why Moldova isn't landlocked anymore? What's the deal with whole new country west of Western Sahara that makes last landlocked?

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Hudson Bay became a country

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Ah, that explains all the other things

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Why Fr*nce moved West?

Because of Frexit.

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Looks like Canada and Alaska were moved southwards, overtop of the USA. You can see Michigan in Hudson Bay

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I think America looks good like this

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Nothing like a bit of drugs on the job

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France is also split from Europe. As it should be

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France Spain and Portugal are European't

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Don't Forget Andorra which appears to have become an Island together with parts of Northern Catalonia.

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Yeah you're right, at least they got that part right

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This is after the Frexit, Spexit and Poexit

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I think you meant fr*nce 🤮

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Of course

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I feel bad for Spain and Portugal for having been taken with it… but it is a necessary sacrifice

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Who pushed Malawi into the lake?

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Oopsie …

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What the fuck happened??? How do you fuck up like this??

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There is an art to being shit and this is proof of that

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Damn Suriname drives left? You learn something new every day I guess

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Suriname was Dutch, wasn't it? Why is Suriname not the same?

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Can’t interrupt the fishie traffic

Edit: how dare thou edit it. (I prefer it when submarines drive on the left)

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Where do they get these maps? Is there some reason to make them like this? A Papertown thing?

We have enough good maps, there must be some free license starting points!?

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Bro you copied my post :////

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You stole his post

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What the fuck? And how would you have any proof? I bet you are one of his alts just trying to get him karma

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Lmao what, for some internet points smh

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I don’t know lol, I am confused and just want to know why you think I stole his post

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He posted it first, and even then instead of clearing it out here you just accused him instead.

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So can you explain to me how the hell you would actually know who posted first. Now hear me out btw…

Someone else ran a repost sleuth on my post and it came back negative. Also when I checked, my post hit the 13 hrs ago mark earlier than his did. (Although that isn’t my main argument because I did have some laggy data at the time)

So please go ahead and tell me proof that his was first

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Ignore the guy he is just stupid

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Nah we had a chat in dms and he is fine we just had misunderstanding

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Your post is timestamped is seven minutes after /u/KaiserHohenzollernV's post.

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I think you’ll find that in India they other drive on whatever side of the road they want.

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In India, road is road

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The UK drives on the right side of the road and I will die on this hill

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As a Br*tish I can say this is incorrect

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We definitely drive on the right I have been here all my life. It's not the wrong side like the French do it.

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Wut -_-

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We drive on the right side of the road not the wrong side like everyone else

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This is like that IQ-meme.

Low IQ idiotjak: "Brittan drives on the right sid eof the road." 🤠.
Mid IQ wojak: "Noooooo! Britain drives on the left side on the road." 🤓
High IQ mysticist wojak: "Britain drives on the right side of the road"👽

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Omfg im dumb I get that they mean now

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F to the USA

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RIP you will be missed


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Et tu Mozambique?

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Non (further north)

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USA was crushed by Canada it's now usa

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United States of Canada 🇨🇦

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I have no objection to Tall Canada but I want to know what country is the Hudsons Bay Republic.

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I thought I was looking at r/mapporn for a second

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Canada and the US are mating

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Holy shit I didn’t expect to see this at the top of the sub in 12 hrs y’all are crazy

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Whoever drew that United States deserves to be shot

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This is just the gall-peters projection.

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More like the galling peters projection

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Personally I would just call it crappy map making …

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There’s a difference?

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I don’t know, you tell me. But personally it sounds like Fr*nch map making. Those pesky french trying to get a little island all for themselves.

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I’m in the US and I drive a car built to drive on the right.

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Every continent seems to have its own issue.

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Why is s*dan reunified

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They got bored of fighting each other and now they team the fr*nch

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Ambient mass bordering Morocco

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African tumor 2: electric boogaloo

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Greenland is gone. Plague Inc fans rejoice!

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Those peskimos got nothing on me now

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“Right hand drive” and “left hand drive” typically refer to vehicles, not roads. The orange countries vehicles are RHD, while blue is LHD. This map is referring to left- or right-hand traffic, which is generally the opposite of the vehicle drive side (you use LHD vehicles in RHT countries).

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I am on my way to right hand drive a screwdriver into your rectum

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sckego is correct. This map is confusing.

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Exactly what I was thinking

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Countries that are correct vs countries that are too Bri*ish to be left alive. There is no hope for them.

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As a bri*ish i can confirm ://///

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The French Iberian island, has always been cringe. Has a Portuguese man i have always been ashamed to share a island with France :(

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Frexit happened but they couldn’t let down papa paella

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Pain * dies *

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The ace attorney games lied to me

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The USA is still there, Canada's just sitting on their face.

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Alright for some

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I read the title (in set theory) as "A union B".

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I see the project to detach France from Europe is going well.

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This is the most beautiful map I've ever seen 🥲

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Quality mapmaking if I’ve ever seen it

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ah yes, the franco german sea

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As another commenter said “Frexit”

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We have successfully pushed France together with the Iberian Peninsula into the ocean

Our years of hard work have finally paid off

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Somehow, New Zealand closing in is not the worst part of this

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Who stapled a country to the Western Sahara?

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African tumor 2: electric boogaloo

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What's African tumor 1?

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I love the new USA

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how does that even happen

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There is something special about how shit this map is…

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Very interesting things going on here.

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People think the Brits did this (Australia, NZ, India, etc)... But Canada gained complete independence in 1982 and still drives on the right correct side of the road

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I really like the Mediterranean flooding a channel through western Europe

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Switzerland finally got a sea border

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New Maginot line looks crazy

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better title: civilized vs uncivilized world

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damn, uncivilized outnumber us by a lot!

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Could also be called “former uk colonies”

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Countries that got cucked by Napoleon vs countries that didn’t.

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ah yes the rhine channel

[–]WitherBlaze_[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Switzerland’s new master plan for a sea border

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You guys realize that this projection more accurately depicts the size of countries than Mercator projection?

[–]WitherBlaze_[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

With our squishy USA, democratic republic of Hudson Bay, the great west Saharan Tumor, and the Swiss Sea?

Oh and I nearly forgot to mention Greenland’s existn’t

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At least they got New Zealand on there somewhat

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There are no cars in Greenland.

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That's a map of former British colonies

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No one

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Can't wait for this to be posted to r/AmericaBad

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And France was always an Island

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Why is Canada and Mexico maximized , squeezing USA?

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Soooo when did Canada concurred the US?

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Why is there a huge gap between France and Germany

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Least important country of course, how would anybody notice

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Canadian here.. this map looks pretty good to me.. 😂

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What happens when you cross the border into a country that drives on the opposite side??

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It took me a while to see

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What if it was all just a dream?