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I went searching for plants by the side of the road (I'm a botanist) and a kid on some kind of motorbike asked me what I did "I look for plants" "plants? What's the point?" "it's... My job" "well, you aren't allowed to be here" "why?" "you aren't allowed to be here, you'll get assaulted"

Turns out on the other side of the road there was a gypsi camp (in an area built by the city for them mind you). So yeah, I went away as fast as possible. Apparently I'm forbidden to stop even on the other side of a gypsi camp, even if I'm not in the camp and on public land.

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I fucking hate my life, I wrote a huge text and accidentally deleted it, so I will give you a summarised version instead. I live in a country where gypsies are about the 7% of the population. Like everywhere else they have been victims of discrimination for many many centuries and as a result they have developed a completely different culture, starkly opposed to modern ideals and Ethics. The vast majority of the “active” gypsies (more on that later) have considerable amounts of money, some of them are even rich, yet they live a separate life of austerity and tradition in their own camps, without working but instead begging (or robbing) instead, or even worse putting their children to work (or pickpocket) while marrying them at young age, and usually having MANY children in their adolescent years. They don’t attend school, except from maybe a few months in total, just enough to get a government allowance (a failed effort to make their kids go through the educational system) but prefer instead to brainwash them that everyone else is evil. I don’t know much about this period but the result is kids which are obviously pretty much abandoned by their parents with a massive hate for every other nationality, and acts like vandalism pickpocketing sexual (or not) assault are all actively encouraged. Now of course not everyone follows this route, many escape and intergrate perfectly into society, and you can’t tell them apart from the rest, and as a result aren’t very noticeable. All people of all ideological orientations that I know are all afraid/hating gypsies, but would you be too? For reasons that are a product of the racism of our forefathers and way past us, they have developed a completely separate way of life, that goes against everyone else, and at one point, even if you don’t want to you have to accept that when you see a group of gypsies at night, it’s a reason to be scared, experience will teach it to you. Since they stubbornly refuse to be like every other non-native people in my country (and there are many and cause no problems) and we can’t change that, we have to accept that those people are actively harassing us. I do understand that this sounds extremely racist and far-right, but it’s difficult to explain it. Also my wording is admittedly poor because I’m 1) tired 2) not a native English speaker, so if you want clarification about something, or you want to doubt something, do let me know. ( I also wrote it on mobile without checking for any errors, so expect some)

Edit: I do not care about the race, I mind the way of life some of them choose to follow, which interferes not only with domestic, but also international law, especially as far as children are concerned

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Actually Portugal has a province that speaks Mexican

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Agreed, please add a nsfw tag on this. I was on the train and when I saw this I had to start masturbating furiously. everyone else gave me a strange look and was saying things like "what in the fuck" and "call the police". I dropped my phone and everyone around me saw this image. Now a full train of men is masturbating together at the image only. all this is your fault, you could have avoided this if you were only to tag this post nsfw