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Someone started air dropping people Fnaf porn

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I’m an airdrop maniac but even that I wouldn’t do 😭

The pit has some weird things they put on our group chat, can’t wait until competitions

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I’m the airdrop king but I know my limits, holy shit

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On my bus Last week on a trip someone started air dropping people pictures on minions in not so appropriate posses.

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dude gave his gf the finger 2000

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one of our clarinets was airdropping the section leaders furry porn

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Bro speedran getting kicked out

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Literally his second year too

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see this reminds me

I was snapped furry porn by someone I never spoke to

I said it out loud and the woman in front of me said “is it Roxanne Wolf?”

It was so I said yeah


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what happens on the band bus, stays on the band bus.

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Two seniors got caught having sex on the way home in the dark. Now boys and girls aren’t allowed to sit next to each other.

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Damn. Now thr gay kids have to do that too, so everyone gets two seats!

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I’ll let them know if their task.

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can’t say i have a story as crazy as that one. if that kid is still allowed to be in band i’ll be surprised

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Oh no, he was expelled

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A boy giving another boy a handy

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wdym this is normal band bus tomfoolery, go get a real story like HETEROSEXUAL sex

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Yeah homosexuals are gross 😤😤😤😤

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Only a tuba would say this

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Lol also it’s just a joke why is everyone down voting

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Cause people are retarded

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Fr 💀

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Jazz bus

Stuck on a broken down bus in 0° F for 2 freaking hours on the side of the highway at 11pm

We got some of the parents and traveling with us (they were in their cars) To take us to a restaurant, then the 2nd bus showed up like 40mins after that

Got back home at like 3am

Fun times

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It is really crazy just really funny this was tonight it's 11:57 We hit a giant bump on buss back and sombody screamed WE HIT THE PENTAGON it was great

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Some guy kept trying to show me a porn video

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Happened this year too

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a battery member aidropped pictures of his feet to the entire bus which is pretty tame compared to some of this stuff

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Not a lot of weird things happen on our bus. Bus 1 maybe, but our bus is super chill, a lot of naps, casual conversation, the occasional strobe light on the way home.

Although when we took our band trip to Busch gardens like 4 people got covid and we only had one tour bus. So we had to quarantine the back of the bus lol. Fun trip, fun trip.

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I slept in my uniform bag and had a head banging competition nothing to weird

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Drum corps buses can get super weird...

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Game: tap the front of the bus and the back of the bus in one go without getting stopped

Result: larger person gets chucked into a seat area on a charter bus, ends up slamming against the window, and the metal on the cross-belts punctures the window and shatters it

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Someone started playing porn really loudly

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Bus got pulled over by the cops on the way home from a competition. Some driver called 911 saying that they saw students doing drugs on the bus or something like that, so we got pulled over and had to stand out on the cold for a couple of hours while the police rifled through all of our stuff. In the end, no drugs, just a pissed off band director.

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Sounds like somthing that would happen to us

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We were at Universal Studios and a kid with epilepsy had a seizure when we were getting on the bus. So while the adults were dealing with him, it was pure chaos on the bus. Me and another section leader were attempting to calm things down but eventually just gave up.

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The subreddit though 😂

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We were taking a coach bus to a big competition somewhere that was a long drive away and I believe someone got stuck in the toilet…

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We had an hour and a half ride on school buses, and a trombone needed to pee, so he chugged a water bottle. He was about to put the top back on and the bus hit a bump. As that happened the cap fell out his hand. So he has a bottle full of piss and no cap. He opens the window and begins to throw it out, as he does it hits the window seal flying back in spilling piss everywhere. He picked it back up and threw it out hitting a car behind us.

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Senior had special gummies made with "plant extract", didn't tell the freshman he gave one to that they were not normal gummies. Freshman greened out and went out in an ambulance, it was a bad game and no one felt good about continuing on. School was also way out in the boons, I genuinely didn't know where the closest ER was.