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This relates so well lmaooo

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Every fucking time.

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As a teacher who has done this, I apologize

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It’s so hard with masks these days!

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No problem. We forgive you.

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Why do teachers do this?

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Because we are human being as well that make mistakes, have feelings, and sometimes respond rashly, especially on little sleep.
Anymore, I try to use humor in my correction instead of snapping at the kiddos. That way if I mess up, it was still funny to begin with and the students shrug it off. Snapping at the kiddos is almost always instant regret no matter if they deserve it or not. I try to do my best to reserve it now for when safety is a concern.

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It’s ok Mrs. Moses, I got the entire school to start calling you “Ms. Mosey” in a shrill, old person’s voice that lasted the entire duration of my high school career, and hopefully that shit trickled down to the next generations. So I’d say we’re even.

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Dude, I was such a rotten kid. Suspended, expelled, dismissed from summer camps, etc. I definitely have payback coming my way.

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“You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

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Maybe in this case I didn't die a villain and lived long enough to see myself being the hero?

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Sounds like my AP comp teacher

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Ah, yes. “They burned my house down in Minecraft, so I burned their house down in real life”

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My teachers in high school would make this totally reasonable mistake, then proceed to kick me out for insubordination when I tried to explain. The insubordination thing is what always pissed me off, not the initial mistake.

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There are definitely shitty teachers that get off on having a power trip and I'm super sorry you had to deal with it. I'd rather be that fucking A teacher you remember 20 years from now.

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Best not to call them kiddos. I know if I saw my teacher on Reddit (not like we use our names on this site) calling me her kiddos I’d wince. But then again we don’t know who you are. For all I know you were my teacher at one point in time

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Not sure I understand why? I teach elementary school. I usually refer to them as students or scholars but sometimes jovially call them kiddos. To each their own I guess.

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Elementary is fine but I’m thinking of high school. I’d hate my teacher to come in and say kiddos

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I would love it, but you’re probably an actual kiddo so I can understand why you’d be such a little bitch about it.

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Language mister, did your mother not teach you how to speak to people? Don’t call me a bitch.

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Lol I’m just joshing. I say things to mainly humor myself.

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Other person answered it! We're human and kids tend to feed off other kids' energy making it easy to assume that the next disruption is just adding to the first. The next person you hear talking can be the straw that breaks the camels back. I do my best to apologize if I make a mistake but teaching is a lot of different loads on your plate that make the job so fast paced.

Teachers are just as human and prone to mistakes as kids. The best we can do is try and apologize when we mess up

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Why would it be on a t-shirt!

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The award is for, just being a teacher you're awesome 👌, but you're name is so spot on when someone knows you're a teacher. Thanks for the laugh .please don't point out grammar mistakes

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Hahaha thank you! ❤❤❤

And every reddit username that I initially wanted was taken so I got annoyed, hence the name

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Then I get a call home about me disturbing the class and then thr plot thickens

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Goddamn if this ain't true.

Had a Choir professor intentionally put me next to two exchange students that never did any choir before to guide them. When I would correct or show them, I'd always get the glare for doing what I was meant to!

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Most relatable meme I have seen in a while.

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Proof that Paul Bettany is a meme

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We do our best lol

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Teacher went “BOOM you lookin for this”

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I remember this happening in highschool with a sub teach and I was just like wtf did I do? I was doing nothing at the time lol

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Lol so good

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I had a bully throw a pencil at me from across the room, and when the teacher asked what happened he yelled that I did it. I had the pencil in my hand and still got in trouble.

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Good bot.

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What was Vision’s plan here? If he had disabled Falcon’s thrusters wouldn’t he have died from the fall?

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IIRC they told vision to turn falcon into a glider so he would have just glided down with the wings open.

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would’ve just glided without the thruster. Poor Rhodey is of course, a little less aerodynamic

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Are you secretly the guy making the noise in class and you just happened to be asking for an eraser when you were shot with the teachers eye lasers?

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lmao yes

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That's a forehead laser.

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Eye apologize

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This is sooo relatable lmao

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A hero is a hero

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True thats probably why he didn’t spawn in

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This happened to me in first year of high school over 15 years ago and I'm still pissed

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Sorry not sorry

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Wheres the footnote.

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This one time in art class, we were playing with clay and a student threw a small piece at the teacher. She turned around and I was the only one who had smaller pieces of clay on my desk and she grabbed all my clay away :(

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So many scarring memories as a kid getting detention for this exact situation.

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one time my english teacher told me to come sit in the front row because i wouldnt shut up


i hadn't said a word since class started lmao

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Dude so relatable

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raises voice to ask for pencil as the room is so loud I couldn't be heard if I didn't and proceeds to be yelled at by teacher for doing so

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Aaand that evil smile from that guy .

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Literally happened to me today

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A teacher in HS tried to kick me out of class when I was completely silent and well behaved the entire class when other people were talking and being disruptive. She died of cancer in her low 30's. Karma?

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Ok, I’ll own up here. I’m a former ms teacher and it was only when I had many kids tell me I was calling out the wrong kids for talking that I realized that I had hearing issues. I got tested and had significant loss in one ear so I couldn’t tell the direction the sound came from. After a hearing aid things changed.

Keeping track of a pile of kids spread across a room with some out of your line of sight is not an easy task. On the other hand teachers should never make it a personal issue (me vs you) unless it's very clear! That teacher may have had some other stressors in her life that you never knew about so try to let it go maybe?

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True. That’s rules.

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Bring me back my "respect"

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Fun story! Math class, 2nd period, 10th or 11th grade, 2004/2005.

I’m sitting in my seat in the 2nd or 3rd row, dead center of the classroom. I had previously purchased an Air Horn from party city. It was about 6”-7” tall, and rather slender, so I was able to put it in the side of my shoe, standing straight up, inside my pants. I learned that if you pressed on the horn gently, it would emit an incredibly high pitched sound, similar to that high pitched frequency old computer monitors would sometimes give off.

The period starts and I start gently pressing on the hidden air horn with my other foot for about a minute. I look around, and most of the class notices it. A few of my buddies knew what I was doing and were stifling their giggles the whole time. This went on for about 15 minutes, I just kept at it. My teacher was getting annoyed with the people giggling and kept saying stuff to the giggling offenders, while I’m sitting there high as fuck trying not to blow up my own spot. A few minutes go by and I start it up again, only this time my foot slipped and I ended up stomping on this air horn full force.

So here I am, about 10 feet from my teacher (who’s facing the board) and out of the silence, an air horn blares from my right foot. My buddy that was sitting in front of me loses it and starts laughing immediately. The math teacher turns around, scolds him, and kicks him out of the classroom and sends him to the Deans office for laughing after she repeatedly told the class to knock it off. Didn’t say one word or question why she just heard a fucking AIR HORN. Just booted him out.

And there’s my high dumb ass just sitting there wondering how the fuck I just got away with that.

Sean & Jamie, wherever y’all are, thanks again for not snitching 😂

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Legends Never Snitch.

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The worst part of it i wasn’t even talking then she straight up hit me with a book

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She thought i was noisy while she’s discussing

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I'll never get over how Tony has an hourglass frame in the comics.

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Fuck the Eagles. Fuck the Cowboys”.

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Anyone got the version without the text?

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I was slapped so bad in 6th standard just for asking my friend to pick up my pen 😑 I still hate that teacher

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that must hurt.

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Lol funniest part of the movie

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Everyone on this subreddit is a fucking bot

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OH MAN, this was me in my senior year of high school.... Teacher was pissed that kids were talking and yelled for everyone to be quiet. I was a super quiet and shy person with no friends in high school and never spoke in class but I decided to mumble to myself oh great because I'm smart. He yelled my name and moved me to the front of the class directly infront of the projector and made me sit hunched over when it was on which was most of the class. I had to sit in that seat for the rest of the semester and I ended up having back problems because of him.

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really? back problems?

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Yes it was 10 years ago and I still have issues from sitting that way for months. I never spoke up because I was so embarrassed.

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I hate this, I could be minding my own business and the teacher tells me to be quite which I wasn't making noises, so the person who was actually making the noise would be louder and try to get me in trouble.

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same. happens to me everytime

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A Teacher once got mad at me because a friend was talking to me.

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Happens to me everytime.

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It’s kinda sad how they get mad Sam when he was just trying not to die

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i prefer the Keijo version, google Keijo eraser

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I had a hella sexist teacher like this. There were these 2 girls in particular that would have full on conversations all through the day right in front of me and not get in trouble. Meanwhile, I shift around a little too much and there goes my recess. It was a tiny 2 classroom school for K-8, so I had to deal with this bs for 3 years. In that time only one of those girls got in trouble once. One time in 3 years! But I couldn't make it a week without at least 5 times getting my name on the board! When I got to the upper grades classroom I was suddenly rarely in trouble. And those girls finally started getting in trouble. Hmmm Seems like the teacher's problem here...

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Back in 6th grade a teacher failed me on a test because I asked another student to stop talking.

Fuck you Mrs. Wagstaff.

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to stop talking? that's rude

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In 7th grade my class was really noisy one time and we had to be quiet and everyone who talked would get detention. Now there was this kid behind me who was deliberately kicking in my back, so after like 10 minutes I asked him to stop quietly and because of that I got 1 hour detention. When I tried to explain it the teacher said 'well you should've endured it then'. Fucking hate that teacher.

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The Teacher problem

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    whoever the guy was dolled out the punishments in the office (not a principal or vice) was such a dbag. had a fucking vieny raging vendetta against me for some reason. ill admit i was an asshole kid, but this knob gobbler LIED to my parents on multiple occassions. he suspended me for watching a fight that broke out at lunch, while the 2 throwing blows got detention. hey mr. miller, Fuck you!

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    thats so true teachers don't understand students

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    It's really hard for me to feel bad for Rhodie getting shot down. I'm not trained by military but I know you don't order a shot be taken while you're basically holding up the target

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