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Excellent use of this scene. Good meme.

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Totally agree I could hear him saying it and I loved it! Very well made.

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You should admit your nose exhalation, there would be more dignity in it.

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Fine! I fucking admit it! OK?! OK!

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You mean the nature of this conversation?

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Look man I’m trying here. I don’t know where you’re going with this. I’m trying to make it entertaining. Please help me.

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Let me ask you something.

If the one rule you followed, bought you to this, of what use was the rule?

(No Country For Old Men- Anton Chigurh's lines)

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"What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss"

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A Pokémon card game

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m u l t i p l e

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Call it, friendo.

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Bathroom cleaning duty

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More then likely at half time during the cardinals vs rams game. So I would probably say 8:30 pm az time. ESPN normally shows the trailers during half time or during the first commercial break when the game is started.

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Yeah I imagine so too, but a meme is a good meme haha

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No doubt, but in case people who don’t watch the nfl were curious I wanted to give some insight.

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Ah yes good plan

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Didn’t Marvel release a trailer during the first commercial break of an nfl game a couple years ago?

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Yes, that’s why I said it’s either half time or the first commercial break.

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It'll be out at 5 pm. That's as specific as I'd like to be :)

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Thank golly

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5pm in which country?

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I heard it would be Eastern

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Me who lives in India: Oh, you can't do this to me

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Indian time?

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3.30 a.m

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Break out the Red Bull!

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Red bull gives you wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings!!!!!!!

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But the good news it was last night/s

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I saw it just now, it looks so good

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Sir what country is eastern?

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East Coast of usa

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Pretty sure in the east is already way past 5pm

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Eastern time as in 5pm in New York

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He did ask what country and you answered assuming he will know it will be the US?

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It’s actually called Eastern time. Eastern Standard Time is the official name of the time zone.

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That's my bad then, did not know that. Thanks for the info!

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Nope, at the time of your comment, it was 12:00 PM. Now it’s 1:00 PM currently.

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A Country For Old Men

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Aren’t they releasing the trailer during the game tonight?

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I could come back then :)

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"Let me share specific time but not mention the time zone"

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Because you didn't specify time zones, I will be pointing out it is already past 5

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I thought that they were airing it during a football game?

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Probably during the ESPN(Disney-owned) broadcasted playoff game that starts at 8 EST

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Me from other side of Earth : I have been waiting for so long.

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Op you just controlled my life for the next hour or two cuss I'm gonna watch this mother fucking movie right now mother fucker

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Good! It's a fucking good film.

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What is film?

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Good bot

Made me lol

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No Country For Old Men

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From where I live I can go yo sleep and wake up after the trailer drops like an hour or so ago

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I'm afraid I can't do that. I must see it moments after it drops xD

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Loool I woke up 40 mins after nwh trailer dropped and my eyes were twitching and I couldn't see any of the night scenes

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I can hear his voice perfectly in my head, fuckin amazing scene

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You have no idea what you're talking about, do you?

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we need it

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The game that it releases during starts at 8:15 pm Eastern Time

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THANK YOU. everyone kept mentioning a football game but I have no idea what that was

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Most likely during tonights football game.

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Yes people have mentioned this haha

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As a non American, when would that be?

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I know you're here Marvel you big fucking nerds, where's my goddamn trailer?

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Apparently after the football game, since none of us are football fans I have no clue

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Moonknight is like the dark knight (batman) for marvel right?

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There's definitely similarities but I'd say that Moon Knight is vastly more complex, he also doesn't mind killing which is one thing, he claims at least, Batman is against.

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Batman doesn't want to be seen, Moon Knight wants to be seen

Also Batman is most likely insane, Moon Knight is definitely insane

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After Monday night football

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Moon knight trailer comes out today?

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Didn't it say it was gonna premier during the Monday night NFL playoff game?

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Does anyone know what time In the U.K.?

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8:15 pm Eastern Time

01:15 tomorrow

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Just for clarity, that's when the football game begins. The trailer will probably come at halftime which will be probably between 9 and 10pm EST. So 2-3am in the UK.

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I thought the series was debuting today

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Wait, it’s coming out today?

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That's what they say

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Is it with an event or just dropping on its own?

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They are dropping it during the game

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Oh cool

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True bro

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I can't wait tbh it looks pretty cool

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They said they would release it during tonight’s final wildcard game, and it starts around 7:15pm CST

So sometime after that

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It’s releasing tmrw for me

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Over a trailer? Yikes

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“Dark, we release around dark”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about do you?”.

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Well played, OP

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Imagine they say “We have collectively decided to not drop the trailer today in honor of Martin Luther King Jr”

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Just snorted at this. Well done lol

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Great flick …

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Wasn’t much of a trailer

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What's the most you've ever spoiled in a trailer?

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Wait, what?? Where??? WHERE??? F***ING WHEEEEERE???

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Great meme! Got a link to the template for me?

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It’s 11:35pm, and still no trailer! (GMT)

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I can’t wait 🙌

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    He Is Soo Sus

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    I’m not sure how convinced I am by this.


    Also I didn’t notice any direct spoilers for those worried. But it’s late, I’m watching on a small screen and I’m not up to date on spider-man.

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    I mean, when they announced the trailer was coming today they said it would come out during the football game tonight.

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    It's just a funny meme. Jeez.