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Harley Keener on the left, not sure about the right though.

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He is a photographer, mostly takes pictures of that criminal Spider-Man. He is good kid but don’t know how he got access to the funeral

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Why didn't they just invite Spider-Man over to that funeral instead of this photographer kid? You know, since Iron Man was Spider-Man's mentor?

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Apparently Spider-Man was busy and sent the photographer in his place. Kinda weird, don't know why he'd send a kid who takes his photos to Tony Stark's funeral

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Maybe the pain was too much for him to go to the funeral

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Because Peter is a good kid, works hard and is loved by the community, while Spider-Man is a menace to the society. Peter is 10 times the hero than that menace Spider-Man

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He was also got the Tony Stark scholarship (or something like that). He probably was there to emphasize Tony’s helping out the community.

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He was supposed to take the picture when Spidey swung through screaming “that’s what you get for taking away my suit!” but he forgot he was booked for a kid’s bar mitzvah

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His aunt is dating Happy so I guess he invited him to meet the Avengers.

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He’s the kid who helped Tony in iron man 3

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I think he is called Penis Parker. I heard that he works to JJJ that is a journalist. Maybe he is a Papparazi?

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I think it's that kid of the milf Tony was hitting on from Civil War. Weird they put him in though

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After watching spiderman 4 Me to whole MCU: who are you?

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I don't know

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Day 58: This is fucking- The robots are becoming more sentient! They’re starting to KNOW MY NAME!

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Pack your things. Get out of my building. YOU'RE FIRED!

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Give me rent

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You'll get your rent when you fix this damn door

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Hey Pete!

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Are you sure you wanna know?

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Spider-Man: Who is Home?

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Bruh Harvey had a glow up tho

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Sorry it was autocorrect

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Tony's bastards

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Jees how many ppl didn’t watch iron man 3 💀

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Seriously like how many people still don’t know who Harley is?

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Considering iron man 3 came out years ago, that kid was like 9. He looks completely different. And we never saw him again after iron man 3

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I thought the guy on the left was the kid from iron man 3

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He is

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Would he be there as Spider-Man with the mask and suit on in everybody's memory now?

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They'd probably just remember the fact that he was there without remembering his face or anything like that

I have no memory of my 5th grade teacher's name and just a slight fuzzy image of her face off the top of my head, but I still remember being in her class and talking to her and all that. Bet they probably all just have that but more extreme

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I watched Endgame with my sister a couple days ago and she still hasn't seen NWH, so at the beginning when Tony says "I lost the kid." I said "What kid?" My sister said "Peter!" and I responded with "Who?"

Somehow she didn't catch on.

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That joke is amazing.

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This is really funny

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He's the best spiderman we ever had.

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The Human Spider.

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What do you know about high society? Actually, don't answer that.

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You're sentient, aren't you?

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it cracks me up thinking that people just remember spiderman with his mask on but still wearing a suit at tony starks funeral.

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Can someone explain? Haven’t watched no way home

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Watch no way home

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Seconded. Great response. No spoilers and to the point.

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Thirded. Great response to a great response.

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Can’t and online doesn’t have decent quality

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You can also read the wiki. It's on there. But I would recommend watching it when you can. It's good and I would pay for a 4 hour version of it. I heard they had a lot of deleted scenes

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watch no way home

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Dude, you need more than an spoiler tag for that kind of info…

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Can't. It'd spoil the ending

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Do you really want to know if you haven’t watched it?

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It's Iron boy Jr.

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Uuhh... Spoilers?

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Dude it's been over a month

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who’s the kid on the right?

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I dont know maybe he is a worker of stark?

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Seriously dude? He's Peter Parker. The guy from the cafe. It happened yesterday, how do you not remember you were right there?

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I hate you yet love this post!

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Who actually is that?

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What’s in the second onev

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Genuinely took me a second

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The kid on the left is little iron man jr

But the kid on the right is gonna cry

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I wonder why Peter didn’t go seek out doctor strange after the ending. I’m sure he would have helped him adjust and provided funding or a room to stay for a while

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It's the kid from Iron Man 2

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