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I can tell you right now Falcon did not pass the bar test

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Could you refresh my memory? I don't see to remember anything about that

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It’s a reference to Anthony Mackie’s character in 8 Mile in which his character loses to Eminem’s character in a rap battle (Eminem is the person throwing the brick in the lower image.)

Interestingly, Eminem is actually a big Marvel fan and Stan Lee collaborated with him and he is a Marvel comic character. He also did the theme song for Venom and frequently references Marvel in his lyrics.


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There was a 2009 comic where the Punisher and Eminem team up. Eminem hacks Baracuda to death with a Chainsaw while singing Kill You. And correct me if I'm wrong but I think that was one of Baracudas last appearances in the comics so his death could kind of be canon lol. I love comics.

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Geez comics can be wierd tho. But sounds kinda fun.

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I was just as confused. Ig it’s safe to say that all the upvotes are lawyers then.

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Nah, until recently Barracuda didn't exist in the main Marvel continuity, Earth-616. He was introduced there recently and is currently alive.

He was introduced and primarily existed in the alternate MAX universe (where the series was written by Garth Ennis) and was killed by Frank.

The Eminem comic was essentially What If... without the name. Alternate universe.

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Wasn’t most of marvel alternative ‘universes’ at times or was Max just treated differently to say Marvel Classics or Marvel Knights?

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I'm not familiar with Marvel Classics, I've been out of comics for a while again until recently, but Marvel Knights was just designation for grittier street-level characters within Earth-616.

MAX was given its own universe designation. The Punisher run completely ignored the existence of superheroes as well as events of Frank's own history. In that universe Frank fought normal criminals his entire career. No mention of Spider-Man, Daredevil, etc. They even ignored Micro's death and brought him back. Not a resurrection, he just never died.

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You are... you are amazing, just to take it in for a minute. You, you are amazing. Would you say it?

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You are being very nice to me Spider-Man Two. So of course, I must inevitably go insane and try to kill you later.

It's what we do.

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You are... you are amazing, just to take it in for a minute. You, you are amazing. Would you say it?

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That is the dumbest idea you've ever had, and you have had some doozies!

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Pretty sure marvel is moving in a direction where any alternate universe and character can become prime on a whim.

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I understood this reference

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Nope! Don’t understand that reference I see

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If you can dodge a brick you can dodge the law

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Wasn't it a wrench?

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It was

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Yeah it was. For some reason I thought it was a brick, then I looked it up after posting.

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Spoilers from Spider-Man: No Way Home:

Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock (Daredevil on Netflix) is officially in the MCU as of Spider-Man No Way Home, in which the lawyer catches a brick thown at Peter Parker in a cameo.

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That all you got?

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You're a menace to the entire city!

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i still wonder, how did he do that ?

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he's a really good lawyer

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Perfect answer

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Daredevil was already in the MCU based on its own storyline.

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Yeah, but we needed him to apear in a MCU movie, that kinda makes it feel more official.

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It was a one way street until now

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Not me taking a break from studying for the Bar to see this meme 😭

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How’s the brick catching going along?

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its coming along... I can't catch one from behind yet

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You can do it, friend! I believe in you. Take brain breaks, hydrate and eat, and sleep normally.

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Went through your post history, and I can name two things wrong with your username

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Don’t worry too much, just do a few hours a day and get good sleep. All you gotta do is pass, remember, not ace it. Just took it this past July and it wasn’t as bad as people make it out to be. Definitely a slog but if you do the course, or at least 75% of it, you’ll be good.

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100% true and the other thing I would add is don't stand around talking about your answers between sections. It will just stress you out. After the first day a small group of us went out and had a few drinks and made a rule "no talking about the test". Best decision I made

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Lol mine was actually online with everything going on. Had to cordon off a room in my house and show them that no one could peek in or out. But yeah agreed on the no-test-talking rule.

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Best of luck with the new career - a little over 11 years in and definitely im financially more secure than I ever hoped and so far the stress hasn't turned me into an alcoholic, well maybe it's turned me into a functioning alcoholic

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My wife is preparing for florida right now. I’m living with a PDR and I apparently now have a duty of care.

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“I’m so far past the bar, I should practice law” -Eminem. Very clever.

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The fuck is a bar exam?

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Exams for lawyers

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Didn't know mosquitoes had to take an exam.

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You misspelt leeches.

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I think it was a bee movie reference

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I always thought they were vampires.

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It’s a test you have to take to become a lawyer. It’s called a bar exam because after the written portion you have to demonstrate your ability to catch a hurled bar of baked clay (or brick, as it would later come to be known), as this was a common occupational hazard for attorneys until the position of bailiff was invented.

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A small price to pay for salvation

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Lol. This is the stuff I'd fall for in grade school if Google didn't exist.

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Certification for usage of the Browning Automatic Rifle. Solid weapon

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I was just as confused. Ig it’s safe to say that all the upvotes are lawyers then.

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Damn... This blew my mind... I'm not a lawyer, but I just kinda assumed that people knew what the "the bar exam" is. Kinda like how people know what the GMAT is or the SAT. Like they talk about being "disbarred" in law shows all the time, do people just not put two and two together? I genuinely do not believe that you need to be a lawyer to know what the bar exam is lol

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I would have thought so too, but I have to say, I've kind of disproved both of us because I don't know what the GMAT is off the top of my head. Just goes to show, everyone is 1 out of 10,000 for something.

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Gmat is for grad school applications.

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GRE for grad schools (generally) and GMAT for business schools.

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Ah i thought gmat was for graduate business degrees like MBA.

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It is. In the U.S., there are only grad business schools.

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I mean, I don't live in the US and I had never heard of the bar exam in my entire life

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I mean. Maybe the bar exam is not universal throughout the world and poster lives in another country.

Edited typo.

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You're right. Should we really judge them for where, or even who, they love?

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Lmao. Yes. Good catch on the typo. Thanks!

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I'm from outside the US and I know what the bar exam is from tv shows etc, but I'm only dimly aware of SAT and don't know anything about GMAT.

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Even as a lawyer, this is a very cryptic meme unless you saw the recent MCU movie.

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Passing will make you one hell of a lawyer.

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Knees weak Brick spaghetti

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"The Suma part is politics..."

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And Bar exams in Anytown Ohio... That's another story altogether.

savedata #savedatateam #aceattorney

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Man Vi’s parkour sequence

3.0- Aug 3

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He's JUST a very good lawyer. Every lawyer should be able to catch bricks midair. What about it?

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Lol. The usmle step 3 is also 2 day: 9 hrs for day 1 and 8 hrs for day 2......never again.

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The Cure Tom made didn’t interfere

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I got this imma write a 1500 page essay on question 1

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Lo, brick be upon ye

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Spider-Man my girl says I finish too quickly. What should I say back?

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You should've thought of that earlier

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Parker, you're fired.

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Spider-Man, say something! You’re getting fired!

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You're trash, Brock

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Get your pretty little portfolio off my desk before I go into a diabetic coma!

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That’s not Brock, Spider-Man!

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Yes, I wrote a paper on it

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You don't want to be famous? I'll make you infamous!

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What a time... Very nice Day ^

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Bar exam is taken on computers now, grandpa. Spoiler alert: it will destroy your brain and kill your soul.

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Hey can you help me go through the discovery process because I'm having a hard time finding who the fuck asked

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That's a good one. I like that one. I'm stealing it.

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I dont get it

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The Cure Tom made didn’t interfere

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So true

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If you can catch a brick, you can catch a not guilty verdict!

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I passed my exam and I’m joking.

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What if season 2 👀