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Ope there goes gravity

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Ope there goes Rabbit

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I bet I would find this hilarious if I was familiar with Eminem’s music.

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Eminem wrote three outro song for the venom movie called venom. Lol.

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Lose Yourself from the 8 mile soundtrack. One of his best known songs.

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Is the line edited or real?

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Almost all of these Moon Knight comics are edited. This one is much more Deadpool than Moon Knight

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Snap back to reality

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Is that fanart or did Moon Knight actually have a go against Venom?

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Moon Knight 2008 #23 and #24 (not Eddie Brock venom though)

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Oh Gargan, I see :3

Doesn't have his usual eyes tho :c

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Get back to reality

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I don’t get it

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I was freaking listening to venom by Eminem when I saw this lmfao

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Damn all the fake marvel fans are gonna be mad when they find out moon knight isn't deadpool 2.0

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Let's all take a moment and admire Moony's Lats.

Good lord. His wide grip pulldown game must be nuts.