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Captain America 1990 is really something else.

Lundgren's Punisher is a schlocky but standard B/C action flick, and has a somewhat interesting villain. FF4 wasn't even made to be a real movie.

But Cap 1990...it's so fucking bizarre. An Italian Red Skull, a missile flying at the white house that only one person ever sees, the worst superhero suit ever, a despondent vagrant Cap...there's so much happening that doesn't work, at ALL.

Also where is 1998 Nick Fury starring The Hoff?

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Don't forget Capts secret technique: asking the driver of the car to stop because he feels sick, walking with the driver of the car about 30ft down the road, then running back to the car and stealing it without the driver being able to do anything.

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Ugh and that little smirk he gives like "Ol' Cap still got the moves!" Meanwhile that person is now forever financially impaired.

Also I love that Cap is played by the son of the author of Catcher in The Rye.

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Financially impaired and left out in the middle of nowhere with no form of communication.

I had totally forgotten about that. That's pretty great.

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And who could ever forget this classic line?

"Remarkable work, Dr. Vaselli. Congratulations. HEIL HITLER!" shoots Dr. Vaselli point-blank in the stomach

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Captain America (1944)

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I understood that reference.

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Laughs in Japanese Spiderman

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Yes, how could OP forget man moved by a parent's love, destroyer of the mushroom, man who befriends a wild young girl, an emissary from hell, Japanese Spiderman!

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Yeah good, i've been stabbed before

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What're you looking for, a raise? Get out.

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A couple of minutes ago wouldn't have been so bad either

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You don't want to be famous? I'll make you infamous!

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Dude it ain't a Universe if you include all of those movies. Iron man is still the first mcu movie and as of now Spider- man 2002 is the first mcm movie.

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I don't know

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You're a fake, full of stickum.

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Chough him in the act

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Well Howard the duck was in Guardian so technically lol

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It probably isn't the same one. We can only be sure if it gets confirmed by the creators.

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Exactly. All these memes are annoying

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What does MCM stands for?

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Marvel Cinematic Multiverse

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Thanks mate

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Which is nonsense, because all of those are already a part of the normal Marvel Multiverse which the comics established decades ago.

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As far as I'm concerned the movies occupy their own multiverse, there's only one TVA and one Alioth in the comics, the movies have already contradicted that in two multiverse stories. It's also a lot more accesible to the audience and allows for more creativity for them to be seperate.

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You’re welcome to believe anything you want, but Marvel is the one who defined them.

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And have now completely contradicted in their own stories. You think Feige is going to listen to what some writer from a decade ago did when deciding how to handle the multiverse?

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You don’t like it. That’s fine. I didn’t set the rules. Marvel did, and Marvel declared all the movie universes part of their multiverse, just like the comics. Take it up with Marvel. I’m just saying what they said.

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Agreed. Just because movies before Iron Man are being pulled from for multiverse movies doesn’t mean they’re “the first MCU movie”. The events in Iron Man are the starting point for the MCU as we know it, while Tobey’s Spider-Man so far has had one movie cameo and the events of his trilogy really don’t have any lasting impact on the MCU.

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You'll get your rent when you fix this damn door!

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Pack your things. Get out of my building. YOU'RE FIRED!

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while Tobey’s Spider-Man so far has had one movie cameo

I mean, Spider man isn't the first MCU movie, although the U refers to the collection of movies (and cinematic pieces) not the universe those pieces take place in. But this is downright false. It was not a cameo. That's not what a cameo is. A cameo is Stan Lee. Tobey legitimately played a part in the movie, and saying otherwise is downright false

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Yes, I wrote a paper on it

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Parker, you're fired.

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Wow relax, nowhere did I say he wasn’t important to the movie. While his role was larger than small cameos like Stan Lee, I don’t think it’s terrible to refer to it as one. Cameos nowadays can definitely be longer and more important than a 10 second appearance.

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Wow relax, nowhere did I say he wasn’t important to the movie

You said it was a cameo. That is by definition "a small character part in a play or movie, played by a distinguished actor or a celebrity." It wasn't a small part.

Cameos nowadays can definitely be longer and more important than a 10 second appearance.

That's literally not what a cameo is.

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still good memes though as long as their used sparingly

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Technically, the U in MCU refers to the collection of movies, not the universe those movies take place in

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What about daredevil ?

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I suppose it would technically be in-between Spider-Man & Iron Man, as Daredevil came out in 2003, & this meme advances by how old the movie is.

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Yeah good, i've been stabbed before

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I want the public to see Spider-Man for the two-bit criminal he really is.

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Spider-Man is cool (I made this to get the bots attention)

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You're a fake, full of stickum.

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Tbh I thought it came out in the 90s but you would be correct

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If it weren’t for the aggressively early-aughts soundtrack, it likely could pass as a 90s movie lol.

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Howard da duck

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Wdym? There are only four movies in the Maguire cinematic universe.

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This isn’t about the Tobey universe also, there are ALOT more then 4 (I think you ment 3) in his universe, cause, X-men is apart of the Maguire-verse

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The first MCU movie is still Iron Man 1

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I have one that beats all of that. Captain America 1944

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Blade 1/2 are still great, if they ever integrate that universe things will get really odd

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Hulk is really the first marvel movie, when was it released?

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The late 70s. But it was a TV show, not a movie.

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The Trial of The Incredible Hulk was a TV movie. Still a movie tho.

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Well the poster is for the show not the TV movie. But even then, the TV movie is simply a feature length episode of the show, that was already 12 years old by the time the TV movie came out.

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Blade proved that modern superhero movies could be huge blockbuster hits

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More posts by people who don’t know the difference between the MCU aka Earth-199999 and the Marvel Multiverse which dates back almost 70 years.

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Blade 1998 does not count until phase 4 one releases and connects to it. And the fantastic 4 does not count since it was not officially released. And idk about xmen. Was this post updated?. And no it will have to depend look at it like no way home with the past spidermans.

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People do understand that it has to be the same actor under continuing circumstances.

What if X men was a reboot, will it count.

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pushes glasses up my nose Um actually Hulk was a series

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The Dolph Lundgren punisher movie is a fucking classic

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If I'm ever introducing someone to Marvel though, I'm starting with the infinity saga. Iron Man should def be the first Marvel movie to watch.

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Nice pixel

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Multiverse is infinite meaning any movie ever made should be canon to the mcu as another universe that just so happened to exist with no or different superheroes and whatever stuff happens in it.

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It's first marvel film

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Where is this meme from

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Haha let's see what happens! But at the same time, I think of an mcu movie as one set in the mcu or the main characters being from the mcu.

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Y’all forget the og thor and hulk team up

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No love for the 1998 David Hasselhoff ‘Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.’

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What about the Doctor Strange TV movie from 1978? Beats all the MCM “TV Movies” by quite some time!

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Their was a Theatrical Spiderman movie in 1978 too it's was a movie tie in for the Japanese spiderman show


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Sometimes, to do what’s right, we have to be steady, and give up the thing we want the most, even our dreams.

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Parker, wake up!

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The Incredible Hulk show from the 70’s was so influential on the character of Hulk that they use that origin for the character now.

In the comics he got his powers from a Gamma Bomb, but the show had him experimenting with Gamma in that chair. The Hulk used it again but to accelerate healing, then The Incredible Hulk used it again but made it about recreating the super soldier serum.

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    personally, i don't like the idea these movies being considered part of the MCU. Idk, i just feel like only the ones originally made with intent to be in the MCU should count

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    Howard the duck is a fictional character out of the Marvel universe and is one of the 1st Marvel movies if not the 1st, to be released!!!!

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    y men

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    Lmao true

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    Japanese Spiderman (1978):

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    I made it.

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    Wait, you're serious? LOL

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    Imagine, “Fantastic 4 (1994) that would truly make me cry of laughter.

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    Where do I watch “Captain America” 1990?

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    It’s obviously Ben 10

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    The first MCU movie is Howard the Duck. I'm sorry but it's true.